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"No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent" -- Abraham Lincoln
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Disguised Attack on Free Speech
by jack Thursday, Mar 23 2006, 2:21am
international / social/political / commentary

The digital revolution has created an imbalance in the supply of information, which has impacted heavily on minority ruling interests. Media moguls, minority interests and their puppet governments are lamenting the good ol’ days when the mass media supplied ‘disinfected’ information to a gullible population. Millions around the globe are now able to exchange information, become independent publishers and have a ‘voice’. It is not surprising that information from sources at an ‘event’ often contradicts popular reporting and tailored versions disseminated by the mass media and centralist governments.

integrity Google style
integrity Google style

Corporate interests that own the ‘wire’, communications infrastructure, DNS servers etc., and associated (systems) corporations, have been solicited, pressured and bought outright in an effort to manage the free flow of information. China recently succeeded in these efforts and bought the integrity, independence and impartiality that google and Cisco (once) claimed to possess. The irony of the situation is that a ‘communist’ government manipulated greedy capitalist corporations into serving the interests of communism – it becomes evident that ideology is irrelevant where money is involved and that minority rule is jealously guarded regardless of other (political) considerations.

The impact of the Internet on corrupt governments and other interests has been enormous; the free flow of information has proven to be problematic for power elites of both East and West. As a result the manipulation of information in today’s world has become the most critical aspect of rule. More people have died for dreams, ideas and fabrications posing as 'reality' than for any other reason. It is imperative today to ensure that the flow of information is once again the sole province and prerogative of the elites!

Numerous options were considered and tested by various agencies in an effort to control, manage and ‘filter’ information on the Internet. However, most proved cumbersome and expensive, covert traces on information sources were quickly circumvented by systems hackers and other experts. It became impossible to legally prove who or what initially released specific information but the agencies persisted nevertheless.

The option of ‘filtering’ information at the provider (ISP) level was always available to regulatory authorities, however, in the West, where freedom of speech was once prized, governments were forced to delay deploying these methods; it should be noted that plans to implement these tactics were never abandoned, only delayed. In this respect the Australian government announced more than twelve months past that it would seek to introduce regulatory measures at the ISP level in order to ‘safeguard society’ from the evils of pornography and violence.

Civil libertarians and other concerned groups quickly exposed this ruse by referring to the option of installing filtering software at the user level. This approach did not offer governments the ability to filter content and target information that challenged, compromised or contradicted the dominant discourse or prevailing propaganda so the end user option was disregarded.

The astute reader would be aware that the domestic spying scandal in the USA was the result of abusing existing child pornography/paedophilia legislation. Leaked information exposed the actual reality of illegal surveillance performed under the guise of the above legislation. Who, if anyone, would openly argue in favour of porn, paedophilia or violence? Minority interests and governments hide behind the social conscience in order to surreptitiously impose measures that monitor and ‘manage’ the population and to hopefully stifle dissenting voices in the future. These first steps are the ‘thin end of the wedge’, if anyone doubted totalitarian aspirations from today’s governments then doubt no more!

Fortunately, in the world of digital technology a rule applies that would balance the situation in favour of those who possess specialised knowledge? Call it nature or whatever you like but there is always a balancing factor in any field and in the digital field it is this; ‘whatever one person makes another can break’ (sometimes within hours); this especially applies to ‘systems’ or software.

Today’s world is totally dependent on digital communication technologies; the software ‘layers’ and protocols through which communication is facilitated also becomes the preferred area of compromise. The speed at which virus code spreads around the globe is just one example of how easily digital structures are compromised – there are many other examples too technical to discuss in a general article. However, I would hope that the point has been made that no one can completely control the ‘wire’ and that it will always be subject to the whims of skilled specialists. This fact is also known by government agencies, so in order to neutralise or counter a deceitful strategy deployed by the powers, freedom fighters must become skilled in today’s digital warfare.

Organised crime is pilfering staggering amounts from financial and other institutions, which due to the compromising nature of security breaches, the institutions are loath to make known. It is a war of security consultants against hackers and as the best security consultants are burnt-out hackers, the winning side is organised crime.

There exists today numerous depressing forces (debt etc) that are consciously designed to streamline financial and social control (enslave). What initially appears to be a daunting strategy of digital control becomes another ‘Swiss cheese’ model when viewed from an informed perspective. Take heart and do not succumb to the propaganda of those who would enslave you. The urge to ‘throw one’s hands in the air’ and capitulate is great, but I would remind you there is no substitute for freedom and liberty; once lost these prizes of social democracy are extremely difficult to regain. The choice between resistance and compliance is clear, choose, delight in your choice and never relent.

The issue today is not which puppet political party to support; they are all under the financial control of the corporations and big business. The issue today is freedom or slavery; digital monitoring technologies are replacing the chains of old. Those who would utilise methods to control the free flow of information clearly have much to hide and cannot be trusted. They condemn themselves through their actions; it is not difficult to detect the enemies of democracy – do not be deceived.

Freedom and liberty are earned not bestowed.

Fight today or inherit slavery tomorrow!

We are ONE.


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The Smokescreen of Terrorism
by robert barnes Thursday, Mar 23 2006, 5:32pm

Under the guise of terriorism, The Bush
Administration is stripping the American
People of what little freedom and justice
they have left. The "Goverment " has become
a separate all powerful Entity. We the people
have become a joke among politicians. An
Elitist group of very rich people are becoming
the Gods whom we will have to bow and kneel to. They will use every tool at their
disposal to keep you serving them as literal
Do not become a weak willed slave. You an American Citizen are the equal of any of
these Elitist conspirators. Openly demand
your freedoms, your forefathers fought and
died for them. The only way they can make
a slave of you is for you to willingly let them.

Robert Barnes

in the know
by sombrero Friday, Mar 24 2006, 1:06am

Industry and hackers know the best way to hack is to write security software that is then installed on many machines! The fact that "Check Point" is an Israeli Company puts an 'interesting' angle on this whole gambit. Do I trust Israel? - LMAO!

The following is an extract from an IT news site:

By Chris Williams 24 Mar 2006 11:56
Feds nix Check Point's Sourcefire bid
$255m deal sunk

"A takeover bid by an Israeli firewall firm has become the latest victim of US security protectionism. Check Point Software has dropped its bid for US rival Sourcefire after objections from the FBI and Pentagon were heard by the Treasury's Committee on Foreign Investments."

Would we use Check Point products? Well, if they pose a National Security threat, who am I to object to that - LOL. But u've gotta give the Israelis 10 points for trying -- what a circus!

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