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In Anticipation of a Kiss
by wisp Sunday, Apr 4 2010, 9:01am
international / prose/poetry / literature

i do not know whether it was
or just plain anticipation (of a kiss)
that i unconsciously elicited
stroking your cheek
speaking in low, tender tones,

my face closer than usual.

your eyes immediately fixed on mine,
your face turned upward
inviting a non-verbal response
from my mouth.

an invitation that took me
completely by surprise
so quick and fresh
your reaction.

how cynical
i have become
every instinct
a man,
i was born with.

i could have fallen into your eyes
and lost myself forever,
if only for an instant,
our lips
a genuine moment of

a world of
fraud, lies and perversity
prevented a spontaneous reply.

i have fought too hard
too long
in this perverse world
and sustained too many wounds
to readily trust even your innocent
and genuine

i had almost forgotten the magnetic
attraction and natural yearning
of a young woman.

forgive my reticence
and lack of response.

your affectionate gesture/expression
now etched forever in my memory,
a reminder of too many regrets
and lost moments in my life.

the fault was/is mine
all mine
so too the loss.

maybe an encounter
in the next life
should i be so fortunate,
or should my desire
prove stronger
than Fate.

audio Love Grows -- Edison Lighthouse
audio Hide your Love away -- Beatles

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