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Easter message: ‘Christianity,’ fast track to Hypocrisy!
by sal Saturday, Apr 3 2010, 9:24pm
international / theology / opinion/analysis

It’s Easter again! Christian hypocritical leaders of all hues usually emerge from their insular burrows at this time to make statements to the mindless deniers and hypocrites that imagine they follow the teachings of RADICAL social REFORMER and LOVER of LOVE and man, Jesus Christ. Jesus is remembered by very few today as a despiser of VIOLENCE, money and temporal power!

The reprehensible, vile, HYPOCRITICAL scum that inhabit Churches today would have earned the scorn of Jesus, no doubt – what did HE say about HYPOCRITES?

So let’s take his most critical and important message – LOVE ONE ANOTHER and go kill a few million more INNOCENT CIVILIANS in ‘his’ name, shall we?

The blood of countless innocents is offered daily in vile ritual to MAMMON the God of money, theft, war, murder, selfishness and greed! That’s modern ‘Christianity' in a nutshell, isn’t that right, America? “God bless America” -- LOL! You people better hope and pray there is no Christian God, because you have SURELY earned your reward!

There is no better example of a failed religion today than Christianity -- at least the exclusivist, racist, murdering Jews are able to justify their heinous actions by citing Deuteronomy -- kill ‘em all and STEAL their gold/wealth – an abominable book clearly REJECTED by Jesus of Nazareth!

Love, NOT money – a message IGNORED, today,


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