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Without exception, EVERY corrupt, criminal State in History has been Overthrown!
by snowy Wednesday, Mar 10 2010, 7:50pm
international / social/political / news report

The Inevitability of Collapse

It’s quite a sight to see, a very pleasing process indeed; the ever widening chasm that has formed between the mainstream, criminal, LYING, media/political discourse and the masses disseminating TRUTH and DEMANDING JUSTICE!

In fact, these two discourses are at 180 degree aspect to each other. Watching puppet leaders from hijacked democracies delivering scripted speeches written for them by criminal, MINORITY ruling interests and witnessing the social dislocation these transparent diatribes are causing in numerous Western societies, is satisfying to say the least – WE HAVE WON! With the subtlest manoeuvrings the enemy has been forced to trip on its own sword.

As sure as night follows day the criminals and traitors – and there are many -- RESPONSIBLE for perpetrating and supporting the first holocaust of the new century (based on lies and ‘black flag ops’) WILL BE BROUGHT to JUSTICE. Criminal governments ALL FAIL – there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this RULE in HISTORY, yet today those governments are blind to the obvious REALITY!

What is entertaining is watching criminal elites fighting a losing battle with inevitability – we informed them from the start that they would go down and so it goes today, at SPEED – and in only five short years since our first emails to the inept NSA and other U.S. criminal agencies. Catch us if you can cocksuckers, we challenged you five years ago -- ‘watsa’ matter, no skill base to meet the challenge? LMAO! You could always manufacture more Hollywood Bin Ladens, ‘enemies and threats’ that frighten little children (and Americans) in the night!

If this short piece appears to be a self-indulgent gloat you’d better believe it; nothing tastes better than sweet success against ALL the odds! Superpower my arse, super morons more accurately!

We couldn’t have done it without your inept, ‘fifth rate skill base’ giving us all the help we needed (unintentionally of course) what a bunch of lamers.

Your civilian-killing and other criminal war strategies were Xmas presents, what a bunch of inept strategists, kill one ‘enemy’ and create at least one hundred more, that’s good math isn’t it, you dumbarses? Keep up the good Drone work boys, plunder, ruin and destroy some more -- what a gift!

Have a nice day while you can, losers – see you in court or hanging from the nearest lightpole, that decision is out of our hands! However, the breath you feel on your vile, criminal necks today, is mine – LOL!

We are LEGION – we are ONE

After eight years of failure, NATO/US continues the same bullshit line -- you believe them, don't you?

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