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TREASON, Government Ministers and Regulatory Agencies in Oz
by quin Thursday, Feb 25 2010, 6:36pm
national / injustice/law / commentary

Following the SURPEME COURT’S recent RULING AGAINST mega-Hollywood studios, media moguls, Murdoch and Stokes -- iiNet vs the ‘Plutocracy’ -- a functional and largely UNCORRUPTED Aussie LEGAL system has allowed another landmark case to proceed. Former Guantanamo detainee, Mamdouh Habib, won a Federal Court decision to proceed with an action against the Federal Government for complicity in his tortuous three-year ordeal at the hands of the CIA and other AMERICAN CRIMINAL ORGANISATIONS – no case was ever brought against Habib by the U.S. after three years of illegal detention, torture and rendition to various CIA torture facilities in Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere.


[Civilisation DEPENDS on a strong, independent, uncorrupted, Legal System – it should be noted that America’s descent into State Terrorism followed the corruption of its Judiciary!]

The servile (to CRIMINAL America) Howard Liberal Government, should be held to account not only for its reprehensible abandonment of Aussie citizens in trouble but for its COMPLICITY in one of the most heinous CRIMES known to civilised society – TORTURE!

This case is not about the character of a loud-mouthed Muslim from Lakemba, a silly man that could have easily avoided trouble using a little discretion – this case is about CORRUPT Police Agencies, Government Ministers and failed governance.

The Australian public has been aware of criminal collusion between the AFP and Senior Liberal Government Minsters since the ‘Bali 9’ and Dr Haneef SCANDALS; both cases should have gone straight to the office of shameless coward, former Prime Minster, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard!

Notwithstanding the above case could be prosecuted some time in the future, it is about time our TREASONOUS, SERVILE, GOVERNMENT WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ITS CRIMINAL ACTIONS. The Habib case could well set a precedent, which would be a HUGE WIN for the PEOPLE of AUSTRALIA and DEMOCRACY!


PDF Document Internal DOJ Report Approving Torture


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'Democrats' remove provision that would see Torturers jailed!
by staff report via reed - AP Sunday, Feb 28 2010, 8:56pm

The House approved an intelligence agency bill Friday after Democratic leaders hastily removed a provision that would have imposed prison sentences for personnel using “cruel, inhuman and degrading” interrogation techniques.

The controversial provision would have subjected intelligence officers to up 15 years in prison for interrogations that violate existing anti-torture laws, including the use of extreme temperatures, acts causing sexual humiliation or depriving a prisoner of food, sleep or medical care.

Republicans strongly protested the measure when the bill came to the floor Thursday, forcing Democrats to pull the bill in order to avoid an unwanted debate on torture that could threaten passage of the legislation. It was reintroduced Friday with the interrogation provision removed.

The bill, passed 235-168, sets policy and classified funding levels for 16 federal intelligence agencies. The Senate has passed its own version, and differences must be worked out.

The torture provision, introduced by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), defined cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees and provided a penalty of up to 15 years in prison for using such techniques during an interrogation. It also said medical professionals who enable the use of improper treatment could face up to five years in prison.

McDermott said President Obama last year extended the Army field manual's guidelines on interrogation tactics and his amendment was intended to expand on the president's order “to clearly define what constitutes a cruel, inhuman or degrading interrogation so that it is unmistakable what kinds of techniques are unacceptable.”

But Rep. Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, the top Republican on the intelligence committee, countered that the “annual intelligence bill should be about protecting and defending our nation, not targeting those we ask to do that deed and giving greater protections to terrorists.”

Hoekstra unsuccessfully tried to attach a provision to the final bill that would have put the director of national intelligence in charge of coordinating the interrogation of terrorist suspects and ensuring all actionable intelligence is collected before the suspect is read his Miranda rights. Republicans have objected to the decision of law enforcement officials to read Miranda rights to the suspect in the thwarted Christmas attempt to blow up a Northwest airliner.

That amendment was defeated on a largely party-line vote. It would have required a beat cop to get permission from “a gaggle of Cabinet-level officials” before proceeding on an investigation, said intelligence committee chairman Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas). Republicans, he said, want “to take away our use of the criminal justice system to go after terrorists.”

2010 Associated Press

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