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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" -- Jimi Hendrix
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The Unravelling Ruling Elite
by harley Friday, Feb 19 2010, 7:09pm
international / social/political / news report

A spectacle historians relished, as one of those bookmark moments in future history, was Tony Blair unconsciously casting himself in the classic mould of social maladjust – I of course refer to his classic sociopathic performance at the Chilcot inquiry! The mass murdering English QC and former PM couldn’t have nailed himself more efficiently had he spent a lifetime trying! Blair’s performance amounted to a magnificent backfire, one of such magnitude that its effects continue below the immediately conscious level of culture – the most powerful location for any idea to function/propagate!

Blair at Chilcot
Blair at Chilcot

Blair exposed himself as the truly SICK FUCK he really is, and with him, by association, his ‘willing criminal coalition’ partners, Cheney/Bush and pathetic Johnny Howard of cringing Australia -- what a ‘team!’ The rest is, as they say, HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

The world, though most are ‘blissfully’ unaware, is undergoing PROFOUND changes (as I write); I refer to the CERTAIN eradication of a thoroughly sick and corrupt ruling elite that has essentially run out of tricks – printing WORTHLESS toilet paper currencies only accelerates the inevitable.

As was promised some five years earlier, we will be waiting with noose and charge sheets!

You failed because you were only able to attract fifth rate talents! We wipe our arses with your money, a freely available resource in the digital world – too fuckin easy!

You see, the ‘war’ has been fought and won on fronts you are only now recognising as primary theatres of engagement, for all your giant war machines, high tech missiles, UAVs etc, you have been effectively beaten by $30 keyboards, superior skill, ANONYMITY and loose, co-operative, decentralised, amorphous groups – beat the wind with a stick, you fuckin’ morons.

I now pay tribute to the many popular leaders you have assassinated and murdered in cold blood. It is appropriate that I serve up lyrics from working class hero, John Lennon – you can’t kill artists, it’s the spirit that CREATES not the person!

Bye for now dummies, and remember there’s a light pole with YOUR name on it -- we’ll be seeing you, sooner than you think:

Freda People -- John Lennon

“We don't care what flag you're waving
We don't even want to know your name
We don't care where you're from or where you're going
All we know is that you came
You're making all our decisions
We have just one request of you
That while you're thinking things over
Here's something you just better do


We understand your paranoia
But we don't want to play your game
You think you're cool and know what you are doing
666 is your name
So while you're jerking off each other
You better bear this thought in mind
Your time is up you better know it
But maybe you don't read the signs

Well you were caught with your hands in the kill
And you still got to swallow your pill
As you slip and you slide down the hill
On the blood of the people you killed …”

We are LEGION -- We are ONE

audio Freda People - John Lennon

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