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Obama ‘blah, blah’ chirp American Newswires ..
by harley Wednesday, Feb 3 2010, 9:05pm
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for the Independents

In dread and/or denial U.S. newswires continue to treat Obama as if he’s an independent thinking person/leader of some sort – are you people for real? Laugh, cry or whatever, but it’s painfully clear, Obama is completely subservient to the powers that placed him in office. The neo-con agenda hasn’t missed a beat, and you wonder why the world doesn’t take you seriously anymore. Enough of this Obama ‘blah, blah,’ as if he’s something other than a SHAMELESS, black lackey, errand boy, house slave, puppet, for corporate vested interests and entrenched financial elites!


Obama does exactly what he's told; he's pure paper mâché, a MARIONETTE or “PUPPET,” for the benefit of uneducated denialists! For fuck’s fuckin sake get a grip before REALITY pulverises you!

Obama is irrelevant; your ‘democracy’ has completely failed, plain to see! Now get down and report REALITY, dreamboats!

Cleaves Alternative News.