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The Iraq Holocaust and the American Farce
by bagger Monday, Jan 25 2010, 6:44pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Figures over one million are sketchy but at least one million INNOCENT CIVILIANS have been killed as a DIRECT result of the ILLEGAL, pre-emptive, US-led INVASION of Iraq – based on LIES! STEADY as we go! Newswires today are ‘alive’ with reports of the execution in Iraq of Saddam’s cousin, ‘Chemical Ali,’ who is responsible for killing TENS of thousands of innocent Kurds – no disputing that estimate. According to American death penalty standards justice has been served in Iraq, RIGHT? The WORLD now waits IMPATIENTLY for the TRIAL of HOLOCAUST perpetrators Richard Cheney, George W Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and their senior staff on charges of mass murder and other crimes against humanity – AND THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE FACTS!

Ali Hassan al-Majid, aka 'Chemical Ali'
Ali Hassan al-Majid, aka 'Chemical Ali'

‘Chemical Ali’ killed but a fraction, though one innocent life is ONE TOO MANY (drone war America) of the number killed by the USA and its allies in an ILLEGAL, pre-emptive invasion! Over one million killed and over four million displaced in the first MAJOR HOLOCAUST of the 21st century – is it not time to serve JUSTICE AGAIN and ENSURE that ALL are DEALT with – WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR -- by the same MORAL AND LEGAL standards? America is fast becoming the PARIAH of the world for failing to CONFRONT its heinous CRIMINAL PAST AND PRESENT!

It is CLEAR that STATE institutions in the USA have been thoroughly corrupted by Corporatists and Financial elites, of that citizens are acutely aware! Bankers ROB us blind and get tax bailouts when THEY fail then reward themselves with million-dollar BONUSES (for Christ’s fuckin' sake) while WE go to jail on misdemeanours! That’s about as fair as executing Chemical Ali and allowing Bush, Blair and Cheney to go free! But all is NOT lost.

With the same spirit that repelled the British from American shores, FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are mounting ever more attacks on the CIVILIAN KILLING invader/occupier, A-M-E-R-I-C-A, and if history has taught us anything it is that the WILL TO FREEDOM ALWAYS PREVAILS!

The once fighting American people are today slaves and dogs to criminals far worse than the British ever where. A measure of the fear and paralysis of average Americans is the continued failure of its citizenry to hold KNOWN MASS MURDERERS (IN THEIR MIDST) TO ACCOUNT and ALSO to WREST control of their nation from the Corporate and FINANCIAL ELITES that have hijacked it -- EVERYBODY KNOWS the TRUTH today!

The USA will FAIL in SOUTH ASIA as surely as the British FAILED, principally because the MORAL and LEGAL RIGHT is WITH the FREEDOM FIGHTERS and those who would see the criminal mass murdering OCCUPIERS/INVADERS removed from their ANCESTRAL lands. Is it so difficult to understand? ‘Freedom or death’ cried Patrick Henry against British Colonialists; it is the SAME INDOMITABLE SPIRIT that fights today against American occupiers in South Asia – Freedom fighters are ONE!

DEATH (after due process) to ALL colonial slavers and their puppet ‘kings.’

American citizens would do well to wake up and restore their nation before it is too late. The world will not long tolerate such a heinous, criminal nation -- history is my witness!

[Thanks for doing all the 'heavy lifting,' you DUMB fuckin' yanks! As stated previously, America is its own worst enemy.]

Mass murder and Torture USA
Mass murder and Torture USA

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