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Clinton ‘Reconsiders’ Oz Visit
by deputy Wednesday, Jan 13 2010, 6:28pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

According to the US State Department, Hillary Clinton has decided to cancel her military upgrade and consolidation tour of lackey Pacific nations and ‘attend’ to the Haiti earthquake tragedy instead. We only hope America does a better job with the Haiti disaster than it did with Katrina!

'BrothersKeeper' -- Bra Boys
'BrothersKeeper' -- Bra Boys

Perhaps cancelling her visit to Oz was a prudent move, the entire managed mainstream press is aware that the Eastern Seaboard of Australia is a hotbed of ‘al-Qaeda’ activity; from surfer cells at Bondi Beach to the infamous ‘bra boys’ of Maroubra, who proudly brandish the Islamist slogan, “BROTHERS KEEPER,” on their tattooed bodies!

Oz looks forward to ‘engaging’ America’s latest LYING Secretary of State, Hillary ‘sniper fire’ Clinton, whenever she decides or is ‘able’ to visit – just don’t forget those terrorists perched on Sydney’s Opera house and the ubiquitous ‘Ned Osama Bin Kelly,’ you lying, murdering, bitch!

‘Yankee doodle went to Bondi riding on a LIE, Hillary is that (CFR lackey) yankee doodle girl!’

The loss to the local community is the cancellation of yet another first class grovelling demonstration from SERVILE Australian politicians, especially Foreign Minister, Stephen ‘knee pads’ Smith and PM, Kevin 'custard face' Rudd – shameless lackey COWARDS, the lot of ‘em!

Fortunately Oz REMAINS Kelly country and as you are aware we are relentless fighters and as patient as time itself – that spells V-I-C-T-O-R-Y in any language (except dumbarse American, of course!)

Please, Hillary, do not let our humble efforts deter you in any way; CONTINUE by every means available to PROVOKE RUSSIA and CHINA – the sooner the world is rid of invasive, mass murdering, civilian killing America, the better!

Have a nice, LYING, murdering day, Hillary; and don’t forget, you’re always ‘welcome’ in Oz!

[Defence Secretary Bob Gates was also forced to cancel his Oz visit, as he is not allowed out by himself. CORRECTION, NewsRadio 2pm AEDT: Apparently the New York Times got it wrong -- can't you people do anything right? Local ABC News Radio has confirmed Bob Gates will be visiting Oz after all. Gates has promised to track down and nab notorious terrorist, 'Ned Osama Bin Kelly' while he's here, good luck, arsehole!]

Hillary 'sniper fire' Clinton
Hillary 'sniper fire' Clinton

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