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Censorship and Puppet government in Oz
by Kismo Friday, Jan 1 2010, 8:28pm
international / mass media / news report

'Getting rid of Rudd' -- make it a slogan!

The western world is aware that ‘laboratory Australia’ will soon trial, for nefarious ruling minorities, UNDEMOCRATIC, MANDATORY, information CENSORSHIP. Malevolent ruling elites around the globe will be watching with great interest the reaction of the overwhelming majority (95%) of Australians that oppose all draconian censorship IMPOSITIONS; it should also be noted that the Rudd government received NO MANDATE from the PEOPLE to impose mandatory anything let alone unwanted information controls; but of course democracy today has degenerated into a charade behind which nefarious elites control governments!

The introduction of totalitarian censorship is merely another step in the slow but SURE process of eliminating ALL our HARD WON -- over centuries -- democratic rights, liberties and freedoms. I draw attention to the LACK of public protest and organised opposition to the introduction (via legislation) of RETROGRESSIVE laws such as increased public surveillance and bugging, arrest and extended detention without charge on the basis of hearsay, unsubstantiated accusation and/or flimsy ‘evidence,’ and on it goes! These ONCE ILLEGAL ARRESTS include GAG ORDERS that effectively prevent victims obtaining MUCH NEEDED social support – the reality is these sweeping ‘new’ laws constitute a dream suite for any dictator!

This site seems to specialise in pouring scorn on U.S. social paralysis and the lack of organised American opposition to authoritarian rule! Contributing authors would do well to NOTE the ‘beam’ in their own APATHETIC eye before criticising others!

It is clear from the LACK of opposition to puppet Rudd’s censorship laws by the new leader of the opposition Tony Abbott that neither party REPRESENTS the interests of the MAJORITY of Australians – no politician/party would forego the opportunity of gaining huge popular support if indeed they were FREE to determine their own policies!

So we ask the spineless, fowl-mouthed, CONSERVATIVE, Abbott, why he has foregone the opportunity to gain immense public support by opposing Rudd’s censorship policies? Socially aware and informed Aussies know the sad answer, orders from ‘on high’ to puppet politicians pretending to serve the interests of the masses while they instead shamelessly serve the interests of (unrepresentative) minority corporate and mass media elites!

In the face of such appalling COWARDICE from our spineless and servile politicians, we – freedom loving Aussie citizens -- offer the masses a means by which they are easily able to circumvent/bypass CENSORSHIP measures as they are currently proposed! Furthermore, the software package includes the added bonus of removing, via encryption, all identifiers such as IP address etc. – in other words, CONTINUE to surf the net WITHOUT RESTRICTION and maintain anonymity as you do so!

The VPN software package requires only basic knowledge to install (see link). Happy anonymous and censorship-defeating surfing!

A final message to ALL SERVILE, knee-walking Australian politicians: You are fifth rate talents, shameless COWARDS and LACKEYS – go to hell the lot of you!

To the freedom loving people of Oz, we embrace you!

We are ONE

[Disseminate this information widely.]


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Spot the 'difference' Commrade DICTATOR, Rudd!
by reuters report via rooter - Reuters Saturday, Jan 2 2010, 6:37pm

Oz does not need or desire any TOTALITARIAN POLICIES whatsoever!

CENSORSHIP is a POLITICAL (not IT) ISSUE and must be dealt with in the POLITICAL ARENA.

Rudd must be REMOVED from the Labor leadership by orchestrated Union action, and popular OPPOSITION against MANDATORY C-E-N-S-O-R-S-H-I-P -- the hide of that arsehole!

If Rudd likes Chinese AUTHORITARIAN tactics so much we can arrange a one-way ticket to CHINA for him and his very few ministerial supporters -- good riddance!!

Following is a Reuters report on China using exactly the same excuse as Rudd to CENSOR Internet and ARREST people it 'deems' deviant/threatening to its authoritarian rule -- give us a break, you fascist pigs!

China says 5,394 arrested in Internet porn crackdown
Thu, Dec 31 2009

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese police arrested thousands in a drive against Internet pornography throughout 2009, officials said, vowing a deepening crackdown that critics say is being used to tighten overall censorship.

The Chinese government has run a highly publicized campaign against what officials said were banned smutty and lewd pictures overwhelming the country's Internet and threatening the emotional health of children.

Chinese police said late on Thursday the crackdown on Internet pornography had brought 5,394 arrests and 4,186 criminal case investigations in 2009 -- a fourfold increase in the number of such cases compared with 2008.

The announcement on the Ministry of Public Security's website ( said the drive would deepen in 2010.

Police would "intensify punishments for Internet operations that violate laws and regulations", said the statement from the ministry's Internet security section.

"Strengthen monitoring of information," it urged, "Press Internet service providers to put in place preventive technology."

With an estimated 360 million Internet users, China has a bigger online population than any other country. But the ruling Communist Party worries the Internet could become a dangerous conduit for threatening images and ideas.

The ministry did not say how many of the 5,394 suspects arrested were later charged, released or prosecuted.

The anti-pornography drive has also netted many sites with politically sensitive or even simply user-generated content, in what some see as an effort by the government to reassert control over new media.

China has banned a number of popular websites and Internet services, including Google's Youtube, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook, as well as Chinese content sharing sites.

(Reporting by Chris Buckley; Editing by Nick Macfie)

Thomson Reuters 2009
OPPOSE Corporate and Murdoch LACKEY Kevin RUDD at every turn -- he has NO MANDATE from the people to CENSOR anything. 'His' policies DO NOT serve or REPRESENT the interests of the MAJORITY, they CLEARLY serve the interests of corrupt minority elites!

Do not allow this reprehensible, Queensland ANAList to DESTROY what OUR FOREBEARS fought centuries to achieve -- FREEDOM TO ACCESS ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION and FREEDOM of EXPRESSION/SPEECH!

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