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If you want to survive, FIGHT!
by Tau Thursday, Dec 31 2009, 8:56pm
international / social equality/unity / news report

Every banjo-playing, inbred, American hillbilly should now be aware of the TRUTH – that the WESTERN DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM as we know it today IS A FRAUD! If we wish to survive we must fight for our Freedoms and Liberties as our fathers did before us! [‘God’ it feels good writing this! Just an expression, FUCK GOD, we are slaves to no one -- we save ourselves!]


KNOWN corrupt criminals -- including those that would enslave us with RELIGION -- that occupy OUR seats of government and hold positions in OUR critical social institutions MUST be purged and held to account in real COURTS of LAW, not the FARCICAL kangaroo courts that serve the interests of criminals today! [It gets better with each paragraph!]

We can no longer afford (economic and climate chaos) to remain complacent; the criminals that lead us have proven ONE THING ONLY, they are only able to murder and destroy, let the past DECADE bear witness to the FACT!

It is CLEAR our PUPPET LEADERS cannot manage a fuck in a brothel let alone the economy or contend with Corporatists and vested interests that would see us all perish in an environmental CATASTROPHE for the sake of PERSONAL PROFITS! If you continue to harbour doubts just TASTE REALITY or simply consider what Obama promised and then what he delivered!

We all know what we must do in our respective areas, each location requires its own solution; however, one thing remains in COMMON, the ERADICATION of the criminal ruling elite that have hijacked our nations and economies. Puppet politicians will lead us to their masters.

There is no longer any charade for the vile scum to play or any place for them to hide – IT IS OVER!

The way forward is CLEAR.

We are ONE or we are nothing – we FIGHT as ONE or we PERISH!

Following is proof that even Americans have woken up:

A New Year’s Resolution
by Jeff Cohen

For the new year, let's resolve: Don't defend Democrats when they don't deserve defending. And that certainly includes President Obama.

Let's further resolve: Put principles above party and never lose our voice on human rights and social justice.

When we mute ourselves as a Democratic president pursues corporatist or militarist policies, we only encourage such policies.

If it was wrong for Bush to bail out Wall Street with virtually no controls, then it's wrong for Obama. If indefinite "preventative detention" was wrong under Bush, then it's wrong under Obama. If military occupation and deepening troop deployments were wrong under Bush, then they're wrong under Obama.

Imagine if McCain had defeated Obama in 2008 and soon tripled the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. I have little doubt that activists would have mobilized major opposition, denouncing the reality of more U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq combined than even Bush had deployed.

But as Obama goes about tripling the troops in Afghanistan, with more U.S. soldiers in war zones that Bush ever had -- and proposes the biggest military budget in world history -- many activists have lost their voices.

When Obama's West Point speech on Afghanistan paid lip service to benchmarks and a timeline (as even Bush learned to do on Iraq), how did the once independent MoveOn react? Its leaders sent out a muted petition urging -- benchmarks and a timeline. The email might as well have been written by Rahm Emanuel in the West Wing.

Taking cues from the Obama White House, liberal groups went quiet on Wall Street bailouts and bonuses -- thus helping rightwing teabaggers and corporate-fronts to pose as populist saviors of the middle class.

By going soft on the White House or Democratic Congressional leaders, most netroots groups have undermined genuine progressives in Congress -- on issues from Iraq and Afghanistan to Wall Street and health care.

Instead of launching their health care reform efforts behind an easily-explained, cost-effective "Enhanced Medicare for All" bill co-sponsored by dozens of progressive Congress members, netroots leaders meekly made a "public option" their starting demand and pretended not to notice when Rahm Emanuel began signaling last spring that the White House had no intention of pushing for it.

Predictably, we've ended up with corporate-enrichment legislation that forcibly delivers tens of millions of customers to big insurers and big pharma -- with almost no cost controls because of private deals cut in the White House . In the New York Times before Christmas, beneath an accurate header "Corporate Glee," a news article asserted: "The insurance companies were probably among the merriest of industries last week . . . But the drug companies were certainly joyful, too." Insurance stocks are soaring on Wall Street.

It's tragically ironic that netroots forces joined Democratic leaders in killing Medicare for All as an unrealistic starting demand and now are belatedly urging "kill the bill."

I'm old enough to remember that when Democrats are in majority power -- controlling both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue -- they are capable of horrific policies. With Lyndon Johnson in the White House, most Democrats in Congress went along with Vietnam escalation. And with President Clinton, some leading Congressional Democrats joined mostly Republicans in backing the anti-worker, anti-environmental NAFTA.

The good news -- during the eras of Vietnam and NAFTA -- is that large numbers of progressive activists stood fast to their principles and vocally opposed those wrong-headed Democratic policies. They didn't follow Democratic leaders over the cliff or pretend that Democratic presidents are automatically "on our side" or well-intentioned.

And back then we lacked the most awesome tool ever invented for independent grassroots mobilization: the Internet.

The Net has helped unleash a golden age for independent media -- and for journalists unafraid to challenge leaders of both parties: folks like Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Arianna Huffington, Matt Taibbi and Amy Goodman, to name a few.

Thanks to the Internet and independent media, progressive activists are more fully and more quickly informed about national and global issues than ever. Yet many activists are poorly represented by national netroots groups that often function as appendages of the Democratic leadership.

While independent progressive media are booming on the Internet, the largest netroots political-action groups are sorely lacking in independence.

Be it resolved: In 2010, we will not apologize for indefensible policies, and we will no longer support netroots groups that fail to resist such policies.

Fighting Back: Ridding America of the Warmongers
by Sherwood Ross

Disgusted Americans who vote for politicians that talk peace yet, once elected, support wars, need to get active in between elections. Just voting every four years won’t hack it.

As MIT activist philosopher Noam Chomsky points out in his book “Failed States” (Metropolitan), “Opportunities for education and organizing abound. As in the past, rights are not likely to be granted by benevolent authorities, or won by intermittent actions---attending a few demonstrations or pushing a lever in the personalized quadrennial extravaganzas that are depicted as ‘democratic politics.’ …These tasks require dedicated day-by-day engagement…” Failure to grasp these opportunities “is likely to have ominous repercussions: for the country, for the world, and for future generations.”

The major goal, as Chalmers Johnson writes in “The Sorrows of Empire”(Henry Holt), is for Americans to “retake control of Congress, reform it along with the corrupted election laws that have made it into a forum for special interests, turn it into a genuine assembly of democratic representatives, and cut off the supply of money to the Pentagon and the secret intelligence agencies.”

He’s right, of course. America today is a warfare state, the most powerful ever, and its leaders lie when they claim that small countries half way around the world with $5 billion annual military budgets represent a threat to Washington, which spends roughly $800 billion a year for war. That’s more, by the way, than the $780 billion all 50 state governments combined collected in 2008 to run the country. In his book, “House of War (Houghton Mifflin), James Carroll points out the Pentagon "exceeding agency and intention, has mutated into the great white whale of anarchy and destruction."

One way to reform Congress is to stop elected officials from accepting donations, (i.e., bribes,) and instead to conduct their business exclusively with public funds. In “Free Lunch” (Portfolio), Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston writes, “Let each member of Congress spend however much he or she deems necessary to do his or her job. If we can imbue representatives and senators with the power to make laws, surely we can give them the authority to manage their own expense accounts.”

Johnston explains, “This would come at a price: No more free trips, no more free meals, and no more gifts. Senator, if you need to inspect the cleanliness of the sink behind the bar at a resort in Tahiti, go right ahead, just give us the receipts with an explanation of the costs. We will collect the receipts from every elected representative monthly and post it all on the Internet in a format that makes for easy analysis.”

Johnston urges, “Every dollar, and every meeting, must be disclosed. And we will pay for it all, subject only to the usual penalties for embezzling, the punishments accorded by the full House or Senate because of their exclusive right to judge the fitness of members, or the decision by voters to oust a spendthrift.”

“The time for preventive action is now,” writes Francis Boyle in “Protesting Power,” (Rowan & Littlefield). Civil resistance is one important strategy. People power can overcome power politics. Popular movements have succeeded in toppling tyrannical, dictatorial, and authoritarian regimes in former Communist countries throughout Eastern Europe as well as in Asia, Latin America, and recently in the Middle East. It is time for Americans to exercise people power here in the United States.”

Boyle explains that under the First Amendment, civil-resistance protesters are exercising their right “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” He writes that amendment “does not require their assembly to be ‘lawful’ in a positivist technical sense, only that it be peaceable. Certainly ongoing criminal activity committed by officials of the U.S. government itself is the type of grievance the American people should have a right to petition for the redress of by means of civil resistance.”

David Swanson, author of “Daybreak,” (Seven Stories) suggests, “Work on what moves you, what would make a difference in your life and your family’s life. Mobilize your community, your school, your clubs and organizations.” Hundreds of peace-seeking organizations are listed at, he says. He warns, “As the Obama presidency advances, and the ones after it as well, we will see each abuse and distortion of power that has gone uncorrected further entrenched and established and quite possibly abused and expanded upon, unless we act.”

Chomsky in “Imperial Ambitions” (Metropolitan) writes that labor unions “are one of the few mechanisms by which ordinary people can get together and compensate for the concentration of capital and power. That’s why the United States has a very violent labor history, with repeated efforts to destroy unions anytime they make any progress.” Action required? Organize, for better wages and for peace.

Another way to strengthen “people power” is to re-enfranchise the 5.3 million citizens “still barred from the polling stations because of some prior conviction,” writes Greg Palast in “Armed Madhouse” (Plume). “The Right to Vote campaign is fighting this Soviet-style loss of citizenship. Notably, lifetime loss of citizenship is imposed by only seven states of the Old Confederacy under laws originally created at the behest of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Palast also urges citizens to check their voter registration. “Check online with your Secretary of State’s office or call your County Board of Elections. Then register your girlfriend, your wife, your mailman, and your mommy. Contact Operation PUSH, the League of Women Voters, and your local party organization, and commit to a couple of days of door-to-door registration, especially in minority neighborhoods or at social service agency offices.”
Copyright remains with respective authors.


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