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A sucker’s Xmas: criminal execs shower themselves in bonuses
by finch Friday, Dec 25 2009, 8:59am
international / injustice/law / commentary

while populations suffer economic hardship

The excuse most often tendered to the public by Corporatists to justify their obscene bonuses is that “talent” demands these [unrealistic] salaries and bonuses! “Talent,” did you say?

The World is staring down the barrel of what promises to be the greatest economic collapse in recorded history and the clowns responsible are now labelling themselves as “TALENTED!” Well, if ‘that don’t beat all’ for sheer affrontery, ARROGANCE and CONTEMPT for the public.

Performing PUPPETS, Rudd and Obama
Performing PUPPETS, Rudd and Obama

Indeed, the inverse meaning of the word does apply; a certain ‘talent’ is definitely required to create monumental fuck-ups and GLOBAL disasters but it certainly does not warrant any praise and it most certainly does not merit any REWARDS!

So how is it these corporate criminals are able to shower themselves in million-dollar bonuses at the taxpayer’s expense? Simple, BUY GOVERNMENT, install PUPPETS like Obama and Rudd in high office and then DICTATE policy. How else is it possible for brazen FAILURES to lose ALL the money entrusted to their management and then FORCE politicians/governments to draw on taxpayer funds to bail them out -- outrageous?

If the above doesn’t make your blood boil; I have plenty of salt to rub into the Bankster inflicted (haemorrhaging) wound.

Major Bank CEOs in Oz demanded and received million-dollar bonuses this year; however, those sums pale into insignificance relative to amounts received by their counterparts in the USA; the Washington Post reported that twelve ‘top’ executives will receive “$42 million [between them] in Wall Street-style compensation packages” this year – most of which is drawn from taxpayer bailout funds – how does sitting down with a bankster dick up your arse feel, slaves?

If I continue I will throw up so I’ll leave you with the link below and a couple of sobering facts regarding ‘our’ so-called democratic leaders.

Kevin Rudd, puppet PM of Oz, will be the first Western leader to implement (via the legislative process) TOTALITARIAN, MANDATORY CENSORSHIP of the Internet even though OVER 95% of the population strongly DISAPPROVE of 'his' policy! It is clear this politically suicidal action does not serve the interests of Rudd or his Party; however, it does serve the interests of the forces that placed Rudd in power, especially the interests of one CFR member and former citizen, Rupert ‘failing media empire’ Murdoch!

In the US, commentators continue to portray Obama as having some sort of political power when in fact he is clearly compliant to the wishes of military/industrial corporatists (30K troop escalations) and the ‘bailed-out’ financial elite; the WP reports:

“The Obama administration pledged Thursday to provide unlimited financial assistance to mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, an eleventh-hour move that allows the government to exceed the current $400 billion cap on emergency aid without seeking permission from a bailout-weary Congress.” Emphasis added]
The CEOs of the above institutions have also generously gifted themselves $4-6 million bonuses this Christmas -- give us all a break!

But the cherry on the con-cake is the monumental debt (euphemistically labelled stimulus package) imposed on democratic nations by banksters in order to compensate for the toxic ‘assets’ which threaten to drag them under. As is evident from the irresponsible spending sprees engaged in by compliant governments, no debt is too large for slave populations to incur! Australia was $650 billion in debt prior to the $1.2 trillion stimulus package happily loaned to Rudd by money-printing PRIVATE BANKS.

Furthermore, following a meeting of leading economists, chaired by Nouriel Roubini in WA, Oz is now one of America’s largest GOLD suppliers. What the Oz population doesn’t know is that America is extracting OUR VALUABLE GOLD in exchange for its valueless TOILET PAPER printed money – that’s a good deal isn’t it, Kevin, you TRAITOROUS, lackey, scumbag?

The day is fast approaching when slave weary populations will hold all puppet politicians to account for their treasonous actions – you can back it in!

Criminal Bankers


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Australians rack up record debt
by staff report via fleet - ABC (Oz) Saturday, Dec 26 2009, 6:35pm

One of the disastrous consequences of Rudd's leadership is National and personal DEBT SLAVERY to Private Financial and Banking interests, which Rudd euphemistically calls, "stimulus!" Well it should now be clear to every Australian that Rudd has led the nation into unprecedented levels of DEBT (SLAVERY). [He serves his Banker and Corporate masters well!]

TREASONOUS leaders that sell their entire population to minority criminal interests must be held to account in a Court of LAW! Oz needs Rudd like it needs a 'hole in the head.'

Australian households are in record levels of debt, and for the first time have surpassed American levels! [For fuck's sake! Emphasis added.]

Reserve bank figures show household debt - the combination of personal and mortgage debt - is equivalent to Australia's GDP.

That means every adult owes an average of $74,000.

Analysts warn that the financial crisis that rocked Main Street in America could well hit Australian families in 2010.

Economics Professor Steve Keen at the University of Western Sydney says it is a sign that families are under financial stress.

"We now have an enormous proportion of income that has to be devoted to paying back interest payments," he said.

"Even if you leave aside the interest payment fact, if you want to reduce your debt now where it would have taken you on average for Australians back in 1990 it would have taken just a few months, now it would take them a year to get back down to the zero mark."

However the Council of Social Service's Alison Peters says there is already a debt crisis and it will only get worse unless the Federal Government steps in.

"A number of our organisations have already reported to us and indeed to the Government that they are seeing not only new families coming forward seeking assistance but many families are coming back again and again for assistance because they really are struggling," he said.
2009 ABC

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