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Eye of Anarchy
by dingo Sunday, Feb 19 2006, 1:02am
international / philosophy / news report

Anarchism constantly evades those who would attempt to locate a process in a rigid structural (stodgy/dead) ‘tower’ of categories. Anarchism is a-historical and anti-structuralist by NATURE (it defies definition and thereby remains immune to appropriation). Its resilience stems from its inability to be located or fixed as an ideology or paradigm. Anarchism is essentially a-political – which will no doubt surprise many ‘radicals’. Rest easy in Anarchism – it is everyone's rite-of-passage/existence. Its strength results from its pure dynamism – if it ain’t movin’, it ain’t anarchism!

An anarchist text cannot be completed by a single author. Add your contribution as a comment if you wish – there are no leaders or followers here! This thread will not be moderated, regardless...


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by bell Sunday, Feb 19 2006, 12:53pm

anarchists do not play that traditional children's game. They are not led into other peoples wars by hypocritical belief systems. Anarchists do not follow the values that lead to slavery.

by talya Monday, Feb 20 2006, 4:20am

It does not pass without notice that the violent religions today are those that subscribe to the ideology of ancient Semitic nomads. Today the ancient ideology of Canaanite tribes finds expression in Islam, Judaism and Christianity. These three barbaric, primitive, patriarchal religions are the scourge of the planet; no other social group matches their blood lust, violence, hypocrisy and disregard for the environment – they stand indicted by their actions. Allow me to draw your attention to that which you would constantly deny.

It is clearly evident that the Abrahamic religions are failures, the marauding morons of Islam, the murderous hypocrites of Christianity, the reeking racism of Jews all vie for theological supremacy while they engage in wars for wealth and power. The murderous actions of these three groups are a clear indictment of monotheism – it is only natural that a monotheistic God would eliminate any competition – a God that cannot tolerate or express love for an equal partner becomes a God of sociopathology!

Jehovah/Allah/Christ are onanists, as are all male Gods that have no consort. The God of masturbators and homosexuals finds expression in violence, as natural love is denied ‘him’. These Gods will lead you to annihilation – as is also clearly evident today.

It is not the place of a woman to emulate a man, as if a man were superior! Hers’ is the strength of patience, fortitude and endurance which no man could possibly match and now it is her place to cure the insanity of men. A world that would survive cannot survive without the equal involvement of the other equal half.

Ours is the anarchist way of equality, mutual cooperation and harmony; we are the women and we invite you. Our yonis are black and red and we invite the ‘white’ of your loins.

Together we form/become One.

by Shipsea Tuesday, Feb 21 2006, 8:57am

Anarchists are as susceptible to stupidity, greed, violence, and corruption as anyone else. Anrachisms's problem is that it has no way of acknowledging these truths, let alone of confronting the problems they create. It's a real cowboys charter and if we applied anarchism across the board, we'd be ruled by war lords within about six months, if not sooner.

Saying 'hey, we're all going to be lovely from now on and/or we'll all just do our own thing so we dont need any cooperative agreements' doesn't actually work. A lot of so-called anarchists are really people who have found a perfect ideological home for their selfishness. But that's alright, it seems, so long as you call it anarchy.

by bobcat Tuesday, Feb 21 2006, 11:52pm

What are you talking about? If you actually tried to understand the first thing about anarchism instead of just regurgitating what you read in some tabloid rag you would realise that anarchism is based firmly on CONSENSUS. This is the ultimate in "cooperative agreements" because everybody can have a say in how decisions are made. Moron

by editors Wednesday, Feb 22 2006, 1:35am

As is often the case the above article has generated lively debate on various other sites. Readers may find some of these comments informative and entertaining:

talya's response to UK kindymedia
by talya via dingo Thursday, Feb 23 2006, 11:43am

UK indymedia censors placed talya's piece, "anarchistas", in the hidden category - for reasons only known to children. We are always happy to publish her very relevant and insightful pieces. Following is her response to the UK kindy:

intervention in somnambulism
24.02.2006 05:30

A stale and old reality is once again offered for consumption. If the majority of the world’s population are too frightened to face/engage the joy (ecstasy) of life on an immediate and continuously unfolding basis – without resorting to a set of behavioural regulations encoded by pathological personalities (prophets, Messiahs, political ideologues, gurus and the like) then surely they should be rejected. Given a life, they are afraid to live it, theirs is the worst and most destructive plague of all and it is no surprise that this malaise is now an international epidemic.

See how they run into their favourite ideologies, religions and belief systems for cover, security and justification. Theirs is the gathering of cowards who seek leadership in order to express their violence without accepting personal responsibility – gutless wonders that they are! Cowards find their ‘bravery’ in numbers and seek to express it as violence. Real affection and love are expressions of supreme bravery, the cowards are extremely aware of their inadequacies and that only serves to fuel their violence – damn! – life is potential joy – who would steal that from you and create a world of fear and slavery? And why would you eat the shit sandwich you have been given when ambrosia is your birthright?

Are there any real men left on this planet? What a thorough disappointment you little wankers are!


Shipsea is a dumbass.
by Tofu Monday, Feb 27 2006, 12:49am

I am an anarchist. It doesn't mean I want chaos. Just because you're an anarchist doesn't mean you want "no government, no rules." What it means is, "no hierarchy." Take time to learn before you preach... You just sound dumb.

Suggested reading (I'll start you off with the basics):
Anarchism: And What It Really Stands For, Emma Goldman

First comes knowedge, then disagreement.

thank you talya
by stupid white man Tuesday, Feb 28 2006, 3:20am

are you hot?

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