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by fray Friday, Nov 27 2009, 6:22pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

                                             No God but Love

Come, surround and envelop me with Loving tenderness;
seal my bindings with your sweet kisses.
lay me to rest that I may rise again and overcome the dark of night
and reign with the Gods in the bright light of day.

Am I not your progeny, made in awe-full dread
to overcome and take my place beside you in Paradise?

Have I not opposed them, the liars, murderers and thieves?
do I not relentlessly pursue them and hurry them to their fate?
I could barely utter a meaningful phrase before YOU stole my soul
and endowed me with magic letters that confuse and confound the souls of evil men.
did YOU not tailor me for the task, would I have chosen this course of my own volition?

Be vigilant, watch over me my Love; prevent my meanderings,
which always lead to folly.

Offer me on the altar, body, mind and soul,
a willing sacrifice for Love’s sake – for LOVE everlasting.
transfuse your healing Light to every atom of my Being,
revive my soul.

Do not fail me in my time of need;
illuminate my path that I may never stumble or falter.

Yesterday by surprise I almost met my end but you plucked me from harms way at the last instant -- a sobering experience -- it seems you have not done with me yet.

I am yours my Love, you know it.
I will never relent or shy from the task you set for me;
may my lips never cease singing your praises nor my heart forget for whom it beats!

How so, my freedom is your sentence;
your sweet prison my salvation?

audio Stand by Me - Ben E King

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