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The Blue Buffoons of Oz
by dasha Tuesday, Nov 17 2009, 4:51pm
national / injustice/law / commentary

Oz police are on their own when it comes to gross incompetence, cowardice and the inability to use appropriate force. The latest episode highlights the FACT!

Confronting a man attempting self-harm today, our (genius) police opted to take the harm initiative themselves and shoot the man instead – the 35yo man is now in CRITICAL condition in intensive care – BRILLIANT, you fuckin’ MORONS! Never forget, police incompetence starts at the TOP with the (Labor) Minister and the Commissioner. [Update: The man died shortly after being admitted to hospital. Ed]

Oz has the dubious distinction of thoroughly incompetent police at every level of government, from the AFP to State forces. An incompetent, drunken, AFP Chief was recently forced into early retirement over flagrant derelictions of duty; a man was murdered by QLD police IRRESPONSIBLY applying a Taser to his body 28 times! A 15yo boy brandishing knives was shoot dead in Melbourne by three ADULT police; an Aboriginal man was TORCHED by police in WA -- yet another episode of INAPPROPRIATE TASER USE, and on it goes. [Key-in the word, police, in both search boxes for full background information.]

In an effort to deflect responsibility the NSW Police Commissioner stated that a Taser would have prevented FOUR armed police shooting to death a single psychiatric patient on Bondi Beach in full public view! Indeed, NSW police may have attempted to beat QLD’s record by applying a Taser 50 times! Give the public a break, you useless, criminally incompetent, morons! What saves both police and citizens' lives is vocational SCREENING, GOOD TRAINING and COMPETENT LEADERSHIP, you reprehensible, unspeakable, incompetent, fuckwits!

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