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Swine Flu - Exposed!
by utube via fleet Thursday, Nov 12 2009, 5:41pm
international / health related / news report

In question, after viewing these highly informative videos, is the INTEGRITY of a highly qualified research Physician and Nun vs the 'integrity' of Corporatist BIG PHARMA; arrive at your own conclusions!

However, in keeping with the original intent behind the Swine Flu conspiracy, we do urge mindless morons that believe in the 'integrity' of the White House and its allies to quickly get inoculated with Baxter's vaccines -- good riddance!

[We joke but THEY do not -- ARREST the (War) CRIMINALS and those who support them, NOW!]

Restore Democracy -- non-elitist, REPRESENTATIVE government -- or face ruin!

'what's in the needle, Mr?'
'what's in the needle, Mr?'

Background Information here -- includes draconian government attempts to make possibly harmful Swine Flu vaccination mandatory.

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