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by wisp Monday, Nov 9 2009, 6:51pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

(for you)


overwhelmed again;
no matter how i try,
regardless of whatever engaging distraction temporarily absorbs my attention
the relentless allure of Love draws me inexorably back into its whirling vortex;
i am lost again in its irresistible (transformative) power – how sweet it is!

Lost in a nebula of swirling fire;
rock crystal and precious gems liquefy in my translucent hands, enabling you to quench your insatiable thirst with your silicon tongue.
My Being immobilised, transfixed by your reptilian eyes, is prey to your darting tongue;
you lick and trace every line of my life as you consume the precious draught from my palms.

I am captured, yet i know the only hope of release is to acquiesce to your indomitable alien will and surrender to the power of the moment – completely absorbed there is nothing left to fear or vanquish -- i am transformed.

We merge and become One – nothing is lost, all is gained in Love eternal.

You kept your promise, my honour redeemed.

audio Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood

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