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by wisp Saturday, Oct 24 2009, 8:17am
international / prose/poetry / literature



Do not seek immortality via a poet’s ability to etch stanzas in time or create word-necklaces strung with rhymes.

Strange rhythms and fantastic imaginings that endure for generations are appealing but do not be mesmerised by such artifices.

Many women have been named Helen but we remember today the face that launched a thousand ships and we create her beauty anew; a beauty that changes with the demands of the age. Her beauty was never cast in bronze or fashioned in stone and therein lies the secret; beauty (re)created by imagination – a million faces that launched a million ships/readers!

If you wish to endure it is better that you Love sincerely – only then is your place among the immortals guaranteed! Love is ONE and draws everything together into itself!

Be sincere, as Love lays bare all counterfeit and fake emotion and makes hags of deceivers and connivers.

Poets inscribe for posterity but are only able to offer convincing simulacra – be not deceived by words, authenticity is found only in the heart, the brain is easily deceived.

It is therefore with my heart that I constantly intone your name and pledge my unceasing Love; it grows beyond my ability to contain it; every space and void is filled and bursts with LIFE -- expanding constantly beyond all measure.

I am borne aloft at the slightest prompting; my abundance overflows and is dispersed to every corner of the universe!

O Lover of Love
Love of mine
we are One

We are ONE

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