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by ryall Saturday, Sep 26 2009, 7:41pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

Geisha with Sword, simon lovelace
Geisha with Sword, simon lovelace

                                             Bondi Orient

The coast walk meets horizon where open expanse greets sea.
Together sky and sea form an enduring partnership that has never been
perturbed by the unsures of men or the assaults of mighty empires --
such things are as nothing, here.

The insignificant city, behind, reduced to a play
of pettiness and woe, is unable to intrude;
The Bondi track affords reorientation, a fresh perspective.

I am drawn to the coast when the agitation of mind
and anguish of heart require the soothing expanse onto which no pain or tribulation can adhere.
Ebb/flow/Being synchronise, spirit is restored – all becomes One.

The beat of a tortured heart and the crimson passion it pumps through veins are off-beat by waves crashing over soft rocks – worn smooth with relentless ease.

Afforded freedom and release once again, how is it I continue to see your face in wisps of sky and your body in contours of the sea?

The salt air is overcome by your fragrant scent; the silken wind caresses me and moves about my body like your flowing hair.

Who would have thought that Love would ambush me again then linger like an unwelcome guest or playful old friend?

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