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Dance of the Firefly
by ryall Saturday, Sep 19 2009, 10:19am
international / environment / literature

Be not quick to dismiss as fleeting (or insignificant)
the extraordinary dance of fireflies.

An entire life compressed into a single human day is easily
trivialised/devalued as either novelty or a passing curiosity.

Yet what magnificence tiny insects present in sexual display;
a thousand pulsing beacons of (generated) light piercing the night in search of continuity!

Compare the sexual lightshow of fireflies with human mating ritual -- if one exists today!

The ‘civilised’ male is unable to luminesce or dart about in frenzied sexual abandon instead he engages in formalised commercial ritual or stultifying convention for FEAR that unbridled passion and honesty may betray his REAL humanity – raw emotion not allowed, unacceptable in this tinsel age of inversions and perversions!

I may not have stopped to witness the dazzling sparks in the night had I not consumed nature’s fungal brew – what wonder!

A certain synchronicity and rhythm attracted a multitude of fireflies as I reclined to witness the wonder of the night.

As each tiny beacon pulsed its allure to potential mates I felt a little lighter.

In joyous abandon the entire night began to shimmer in excitement until a million tiny lights adorned my translucent body.

As if unable to endure the quickening dance of light the gates of infinity flew open and transported the compressed lives of flies and men to places indescribable.

After a time that seemed to span the beginning and end I returned and found myself in solitude and joy.

Never again would I take for granted or disregard tiny creatures that for a night become the envy of the stars.

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