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Where have all the Poets gone?
by wisp Saturday, Sep 12 2009, 10:37pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

for fray (and silk)



The forests change during a breeze
the swoon of branches
the dance of leaves
myriad cellulose cymbals symphonise your being
as nature rejoices your ways.

The fall of your hair, wave-like furls,
gently caressing your neck.
The touch of your skin, silken weaves;
the fullness of your body

A desert after long drawn rain in multi-varied bloom
fragile flowers – vibrant – colours – LIFE
your many facets.

From your breasts flows forth the firmament blanketing the world.
Between your young curved thighs resides
the violet flame of splendour

Twin to Isis you are from whose womb
flows Creation.

Warmth draws from you like a rare ray sliding through the canopy
reflecting smoky mists
lighting velvet moss
and nurturing the cool.

audio Lou Reed - Satellite of Love

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