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"We forge the chains we wear in life" -- Charles Dickens
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by fray Saturday, Sep 12 2009, 11:03am
international / prose/poetry / literature


Loving you is like living on a primeval earth
seething with lava, volcanoes and suffocating air.
A waterless earth in early formation
Scorched with passion and burning with desire.

There is a limit to such love unless one seeks their end.

In your arms I fall apart in fearful abandon
and love every unguarded moment!
What cruel allure is this?

To which boiling hell have I been transported?

What witchery has captured my soul and made me
a willing victim? I cannot breathe for want of cool air
and life-giving water – I am dying, no doubt.

Yet how many times have I died this death
only to be reborn and die again in the flames of desire.

Release me, allow me time to revive
I am completely consumed by your burning passion and insatiable desire.

Who or what invented this cruel agony disguised as ecstasy?
I cannot bear it any longer – I cannot survive it, yet I am powerless to resist.

Have mercy, free me!

I am vanquished, held captive in dread and Bliss

Your love will be the death of me.

audio The EasyBeats -- original version


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Poetry and Song are variations of each other
by kris Monday, Sep 14 2009, 5:45am

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