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The ‘Gods’ adored
by sable Saturday, Sep 5 2009, 10:12pm
national / theology / commentary

The winner of the Australian 2009 Blake Prize for ‘religious’ art is Angelica Mesiti for her digital Art work, “Rapture – Silent Anthem.”

Angelica and Rapture
Angelica and Rapture

The video Art work depicts the intellectually numbed, devoid of reason, faces and gestures of today’s youth at a ‘rock concert’ – ROFLMFAO! Well, why not? Rock ‘stars,’ have traditionally displaced cultural religious icons to become the objects of mindless adoration and focus for nubile eroticism. [O cum let us adore him, Christ, the Lord.]

The overtly ‘orgasmic’ video images clearly reveal the relationship of sexuality and religion! Uniting in ecstasy with one’s ‘God,’ is, after all, the goal of all the religions!

The video should be compulsory viewing in all our schools; it may serve to expose once and for all, the REAL basis of religion – SEX, repressed or otherwise; DRUGS, altered states and ROCK & ROLL, the pulse/beat/rhythm of LIFE!

The work (excerpt below) is certainly relevant, contemporary and accurate in a documentary sense but after having sweated blood, tears and other body fluids over many canvasses, pages and screens (mediums) I can’t help but feel that it is a bit of a cheat. Nonetheless, Angelica deserves her award, not least for her ‘Banksy-esque’ statement.

“There are no gods but Man” -- AC

St. Theresa in Ecstasy; note the Phallic Arrow
St. Theresa in Ecstasy; note the Phallic Arrow


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by seer Tuesday, Sep 8 2009, 11:29am

If you cannot see with your eyes open, then close them! Real 'sight' is cognition and awareness.

It is knowledge that removes all fear not love as some mythic narratives would have us believe. Not to be devalued in any way, Love is the reason we came into Being!

Art is the first language of humankind and remains the most powerful -- engage it often.

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