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"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -- Steve Biko
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It’s only a War Crime if THEY do it!
by jos Saturday, Sep 5 2009, 12:03am
international / injustice/law / commentary

I have been granted permission to post to this site though it is essentially closed to publications; however, on one condition; that I keep it (the issue/story) as close to my heart as possible, real in other words! I thank the admin for the opportunity, and I will keep it brief.

As an indication of pervasive GLOBAL criminal corruption and the glaring evidence of that corruption -- which is presented DAILY -- I would cite the screaming, one-eyed BIAS displayed by the world’s International Courts. How is it that only those opposed by US/NATO forces are deemed to be ‘terrorists’ if they inflict civilian casualties while NATO/AMERICA have been SLAUGHTERING civilians, with impunity, for decades? And don’t shit me with, NATO/USA are not “signatories” to the Court’s jurisdiction; I am not a signatory to any legal system YET I am subject to the Laws of the land as are the rest of us!

I recall the Prosecutor for the ICC, Carla Del Ponte, was hurriedly replaced when she openly stated that JUSTICE could not be served if NATO/KLA and AMERICAN forces were excluded from possible prosecution for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. She cited, now recorded in a difficult to obtain book (in English) war crimes committed by the West and its allies, including organ harvesting committed by Albanian Kosovars and the many civilians killed by NATO in attacks on the Sovereign State of Yugoslavia!

Del Ponte’s legitimate Legal concerns did not result in Justice being served or widespread exposure of extreme bias and disregard for the LAW; instead, Del Ponte, the ICC prosecutor, was removed from her position, as Chief Persecutor, and effectively banished from proceedings!

The latest reprehensible effort from the coalition of willing mass murderers is the NATO air strike on two stolen fuel tankers in Afghanistan, which resulted in dozens of civilian deaths and horrendous injuries to others. This particular attack differs from most in the region in that it is civilian wedding parties that are usually favoured by CIA supervisors that give final approval for missile launches from UAVs or “Drones,” as they are aptly referred to!

Numerous other examples of horrendous War Crimes committed by America at home (nano-thermite) and abroad are easily accessed from the public domain so I need not unduly congest this essay! I would, however, simply state that the message from our leaders is loud and CLEAR; THERE IS NO LAW, only corruption and OVERT CRIMINALITY!

Some of us have been slow to learn that distasteful and brutal lesson but finally we have; so YOU won’t mind if WE flout 'your Law’ and treat it with the CONTEMPT IT NOW DESERVES!

The ‘authorities’ have FORFEITED every ‘right’ – moral or otherwise -- to hold anyone accountable for anything; that is self-evident. The world today has become a MAFIA STATE, ruled by the most despicable and evil people imaginable -- millions of innocent deaths are of no concern to these psychopaths!

In view of the existing reality today the most viable options are community living and/or social cooperatives. Numbers of like-minded sane people have been forced to declare their sovereignty and secede from the criminal filth that have infected our State Institutions – citing overt State criminality and its undemocratic Financial/Corporate support base as LEGITIMATE reasons for secession!

Also, be advised, the global economic crash of 2010 is right on schedule – Capitalism has been dead for some time. There are extremely VALID reasons and irreversible forces at play that make the final crash of 2010 inevitable!

Good luck and have a nice day.

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