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LOVE is NOT a dirty word!
by tide Tuesday, Aug 18 2009, 2:46pm
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I must END my contribution to the mix of soporific diatribes that today passes for news and information. Whether reporting is accurate or blatant propaganda, it only serves to feed drones by virtue of a medium which promotes PASSIVE consumption only!

The media-feed/drip must be yanked from the arm of the masses and REAL exchange/communication must replace contrived, managed and packaged ‘newstainment’ – how else are we to achieve ACTIVE PARTICIPATION if not by forcing the DIGITALLY alienated, comatose public into confronting themselves and hopefully entering into REAL RELATIONSHIPS with each other. Real solutions for the benefit of the whole cannot be arrived at by any other means. It is no secret the WORLD is in DIRE NEED OF HEALING and PEACE!

I would REMIND you of an obvious TRUTH we ALL MUST FACE TOGETHER – age old yet always new in its promise -- only LOVE conquers/overcomes ALL! Nothing holds a candle to the REAL embrace and real fellowship of human beings. All things are possible when we discard our learnt dissipations and gather together in the spirit of CREATION, not destruction!

'We are ONE or we are nothing' is an irrefutable fact! It is time for us all to depart from morbidity/apathy and engage the greater (harmony) of life – our survival depends on it!

Universal harmony has proven itself in infinity – there is no better measure of success than continuity! The current course imposed on humanity by destructive minorities, hell-bent on mindless annihilation, is clearly not viable. That should now be clear to everyone!

I must take my leave; I really have other work to do. I would leave you with a personal message that may surprise some – I have not taken leave of my senses, as some may imagine. Take HEART and understand that it was all a labour of LOVE, I LOVE YOU all, without exception (if it is partial or exclusive it is NOT enduring Love).

The age of leaders and followers is OVER; a new direction of selfless cooperation for the greater good offers continuity. REJECT the sons and daughters of DISCORD, division and destruction. Separation is a misnomer, we ARE each other and we are our environment – not too difficult to understand, is it?

The universe came into existence for Love's sake and for LOVE'S sake it endures FOREVER -- choose LIFE over death!


O Lover of Love
Love of mine
We ARE one
We are ONE!

audio Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee

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