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Stick to ‘our’ agenda, PUPPET!
by yarra Friday, Aug 14 2009, 9:33am
national / injustice/law / commentary

Certain revealing and thoroughly TRANSPARENT political events should never be allowed to pass without the STRONGEST possible response (baa’aa, moo’oo, braay) from outraged citizens! Some things just can’t be ignored by responsible citizens from any representative democracy – astute readers could end this story right here by challenging the writer to name just ONE “representative democracy” on this corporate ruled planet! But that would lead to a stillborn story, something informative writers could never countenance; so to continue; notwithstanding the point is NOT lost on SOCIALLY AWARE, RATIONAL, THINKING persons.

New AFP Chief, Tony Negus
New AFP Chief, Tony Negus

The event that forced us to our keyboards was Prime Minister Rudd’s announcement naming the new Federal Police Chief, Tony Negus! Negus accepts the position of Commissioner from his current position/role as Deputy Commissioner. Clearly this is more a timid, bureaucratic promotion than a revamping/restructuring of an over-funded, beer-bloated, dysfunctional, plainly incompetent, regulatory body. The WORLD noted – excluding the CIA, AFP, ASIS, ASIO, or any other western ‘security’ agency you care to name -- the release, from Indonesian jails, of over 100 members of the JI terrorist organisation (only) months before the latest Jakarta bombings! But why should task specific agencies be aware of their primary purpose? This is SERVILE AUSTRALIA where from the TOP down WE TAKE ORDERS AND COP IT RIGHT UP THE KHYBER, maate!

The Australian Federal Police under Keelty are best remembered for the $8.2 million FAILED attempt to frame an innocent dark-skinned Indian doctor (Haneef) on terrorist charges and for SACRIFICING nine young Australians to possible death penalties in a barbaric nation already responsible for the cold-blooded murder of five Australian journalists in East Timor! Another job ‘well done’ by our ‘competent’ Federal Police! I would add that it was the father of one of the very unfortunate drug-mule victims that alerted Federal Police of a drug run in the first instance. That’s gratitude for ya, but politics demands sacrificial victims and the Indonesian Police and witch-doctor-believing government required softening, assurances and a price for certain interventions regarding the ‘terrorist threat’ – after the recent bombings one can only wonder at the level of incompetence in all our critical institutions!

Who gives a shit if five Aussie journos are slaughtered in cold blood or nine YOUNG Aussies are sacrificed for purely political purposes? Certainly NOT the people we placed in government to PROTECT us ALL! Imagine the prospect of a firing squad or spending the rest of your life in a torturous, barbaric, Indonesian jail when Federal Police could have easily arrested the youths upon their return to Australia? Rudd’s inability to act and his deafening silence on both these matters define him as either the weakest PM on record or the most SERVILE; a position contested only by former PM, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard – may the most servile piece of shit win!

Rather than launch a full inquiry into the actions of former AFP chief, Mick 'well planned event' Keelty, this is what Rudd had to say today; “[For] his rolling engagement which he is overseeing with the Indonesian national police in very complex counter-terrorism operations in Indonesia; [which CLEARLY failed to prevent recent bombings] frankly the country owes him a debt of gratitude," [Emphasis added.] Not so, Mr ‘spineless lackey’ Rudd – the country owes Keelty a jail sentence for blatant CRIMINAL COLLUSION with former PM, John 'aluminium tubing' Howard and a number of his senior ministers!

There is a wealth of material on this site [the Indonesian slaughter in East Timor was sanctioned by the CIA ] exposing Keelty for the INCOMPETENT criminal bastard that he is; notwithstanding Rudd’s latest comments that clearly define him as a subservient, spineless, pipsqueak of a 'man' who has anything but the best interests of the Australian nation at heart!

The day is fast approaching when the Howards, Rudds and Obamas of this world will face the people for their treasonous actions. Be assured that REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY will again become the preferred system of government!



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US Economic Myths Bite the Dust
by Mark Weisbrot via quill - The Guardian UK Saturday, Aug 15 2009, 6:43am

[Both major political parties in Oz are policy directed by US Banksters, Rupert Murdoch, the CFR and Washington Corporate puppets. But note how Bill Clinton personally secured the release of two US spies from North Korea and how a US Senator secured the release, from Burma, of the man who swam Aung San Suu Kyi to an extra 18 months house detention.

Contrast the extent to which the US will go to support its citizens with PISS-WEAK Australian politicians that leave nine young citizens to face possible death penalties at the hands of barbaric, primitive murdering Indonesians. Has anyone heard a single word from GUTLESS, rudderless, Rudd, concerning the extradition of the KNOWN Indonesian murderers of the Balibo 5? Only Australian politicians exhibit such shameless cowardice and shocking disregard for their citizens -- PATHETIC!]
The Great Recession is allowing some widely held beliefs about the US economy – which were the source of much evangelism over the last few decades – to run up against a reality check. This is to be expected, since the United States has been the epicentre of the storm of policy blunders that caused the world recession.

This month my CEPR colleagues John Schmitt and Nathan Lane showed that the United States is not the nation of small businesses that it is regularly dressed up to be for electoral campaign speeches and editorials. If we look at what percentage of our overall labour force is self-employed, or what percentage of manufacturing workers or high-tech workers are employed in small businesses – well, the US ranks at or near the bottom among high-income countries.

As economist Paul Krugman noted after reading the study: "One more American myth bites the dust." Indeed it has. And as both the authors of the paper and Krugman note, there is a plausible explanation for the US's low score in the small business contest: our lack of national health insurance. There are enough risks associated with choosing to start a business over being an employee, but the Europeans don't have to worry that they will go bankrupt for lack of health insurance.

A number of other alleged advantages of America's "economic dynamism" are also mythical. Most people think that there is more economic mobility in America than in Europe. Guess again. We're also near the bottom of rich countries in this category, for example as measured by the percentage of low-income households that escape from this status each year.

The idea that the US is more "internationally competitive" has been without economic foundation for decades, as measured by the most obvious indicator: our trade deficit, which peaked at 6% of GDP in 2006. (It has fallen sharply from its peak during this recession but will rebound strongly when the economy recovers).

And of course the idea that our less regulated, more "market-friendly" financial system was more innovative and efficient – widely held by our leading experts and policy-makers such as Alan Greenspan, until recently – collapsed along with our $8tn housing bubble.

On the other hand, most Americans pay a high price for the institutional arrangements that bring us these mythical successes. We have the dubious honour of being the only "no-vacation nation", ie no legally required paid time off and of course some weeks fewer actual days off per year than our European counterparts enjoy. We have a broken healthcare system that costs about twice as much per capita as that of our peer nations and delivers worse outcomes, as measured by life expectancy and infant mortality. We are near the top in terms of inequality among high-income countries and at the bottom for parental leave policies and paid sick days. The list is a long one.

Yet it was just two years ago that Nicholas Sarkozy successfully won the presidency of France by arguing that the French could not afford their welfare state and had to adopt a series of reforms that would make the French economy more "dynamic" like that of the US. These included tax cuts for the rich and labour law changes that would make it easier for employers to fire people.

Many French are now sorry they voted for this guy and very glad that they have more protection than most Americans have from the ravages of the recession. Of course they could also use a larger economic stimulus, but the fact that they don't have one is due to the neoliberal policies of their own government and those of the European Union, especially the European Central Bank.

There is another area where the comparison between the American and European model has serious implications for the future of the planet: climate change. "Old Europe" uses about half as much energy per capita as the US does. A big part of this difference is because Europeans, in recent decades, have taken much more of their productivity gains in the form of increased leisure time, rather than working the same (or longer) hours in order to consume more.

We estimated that the US would consume about 20% less energy if it had the work hours of the EU-15. This would have a significant impact on world carbon emissions. Furthermore, when the world economy recovers, there are a number of middle-income countries that will approach high-income status in the not-too-distant future (South Korea and Taiwan are already there). Whether they choose the American or the European model will have an even bigger impact on global climate change.

The major media in both Europe and the United States have played an important role, for decades, in helping politicians capitalise on economic mythology to push policy in economic and socially destructive directions on both sides of the Atlantic. It remains to be seen how much the Great Recession will influence the thinking and reporting of these influential institutions.

© 2009 Guardian News and Media Limited

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