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ANONYMITY is POWER, you mindless morons!
by Lee Harvey Osama Bin Oswald Saturday, Aug 8 2009, 1:15am
international / social/political / news report

What does it take for some to see the nose on their face? Have you all fallen for the ‘fame game’ or the narcissistic ‘look at me, aren’t I wonderful’ syndrome -- so effectively SOLD to the masses by the western media! Have you not realised yet the IMMENSE POWER that resides in ANONYMITY? In today’s contractionist culture, anonymity is FREEDOM!


All the groups and cabals that rule the world TODAY have their roots in SECRET SOCIETIES and it is only decadence and corruption that has led to their recent exposure. However, WE are NOT so stupid OR are YOU?

Regardless of the group to which you belong in the universal fight against the world’s leading civilian killing, plundering, terrorist State, ALL identifying material MUST REMAIN ABSOLUTELY SECRET; ALL communications MUST be in CODE and ENCRYPTED, notwithstanding that all planning remains SECRET and all arrangements are undertaken on a ‘need to know,’ ONLY, basis. This rule applies PRIOR to BUT especially AFTER any event or operation, unless death or incarceration (by the criminal powers) would be your reward!

Are you children that you require this lesson? Have you not witnessed the assassinations of ALL those that bathe in their notoriety or flaunt their leadership status? NEVER identify your group/selves or seek recognition for ANY successful attack in any field of engagement whatsoever. Regardless of the field of battle -- and there are many -- from the ideological (propaganda), digital (hacking) to land based military engagements, ENSURE that 'you' never accept responsibility for any 'event' AND NEVER seek to identify yourselves or take credit for any attacks regardless of how successful; resist the allure of the very short term propaganda 'benefits' they offer. REMAIN SILENT and the many disparate and otherwise opposed groups would fight as ONE, all sharing in the glory of the final victory.

If any so-called 'terrorist' groups claim responsibility for attacks in the future it would become plain that the BEAST engaged in a covert or 'black flag' operation for political reasons. Hillary Clinton was quick in her attempt to connect African Somali freedom fighters to questionable conspiracy arrests in Australia!

There will be ample time for celebrations AFTER the reviled murdering BEAST is vanquished! Those who would take credit for any successful operation in the meantime are not worthy of victory, much less final VICTORY!

The victory of the HUMAN BEINGS over the brutal, lying, thieving, mass murdering, sons of CHAOS is ASSURED if a simple rule is followed – SECRECY! Remain absolutely anonymous until the final VICTORY. Then it matters not who would claim recognition. Fame and recognition are for CHILDREN and the many pathological personalities that populate our puppet governments today!

I need not elaborate further.

We are ONE or we are nothing!

WE have already won! PEACE and HARMONY are the nature of this universe; the sons of chaos and their 5th rate, "mission accomplished," support are failing as I write. Nothing has changed with Obama -- the best they have to offer is sub-standard, inadequate tacticians and strategists -- LOSERS!

The Trap Pt. 1

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'B movie' psychological warfare hysteria from Beck -- 'Trojans' cannot function in well-constructed Firewalls. And there is no such thing as "permanent" in the DIGITAL world of IT!

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