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How to Fuck a Platypus
by dingo Sunday, Aug 2 2009, 3:54am
international / environment / commentary

Do not be misled by the title, this is a story of universal significance not some perverse rant from a parochial Australian xenophobe with a penchant for bestiality.

Uniquely Australian and undervalued!
Uniquely Australian and undervalued!

A little background information for those unfamiliar with monotremes:

The Platypus is a rare, endangered mammalian species that lays eggs but suckles its young via mammalian ‘tits;’ it’s one of only two monotreme species left on the planet yet its Australian watery habitat is diminishing at speed, due mainly to successive puppet governments allowing the timber, mining, farming and other industries to pollute and encroach on its habitat.

The rather appealing animal should be the national symbol as it reflects/symbolises the future untenability of the nation as a WHOLE! Australia, after over 100 years of separation from Imperial Britain, continues to adhere to an antiquated COLONIAL ECONOMIC MODEL, a supplier of raw materials to other productive nations!

Every self-sustaining innovative policy-direction the nation has ever taken; early computing, rocket/nuclear science and alternative energy, for example, has either been dismantled or left to other nations to fully develop. Furthermore, existing productive industries have been taken offshore by ‘profit only’ driven, mindless Australians – a travesty of enormous proportions has been perpetrated on the nation, one to which all Oz governments must accept responsibility!

The last three governments, Keating, Howard and Rudd, have been the worst offenders by far; Australia today has effectively surrendered its Sovereignty to Banking/Financial interests and to Transnational Corporatists that rape our fair and fragile land without a second thought to consequences. Why should they care? The greater percentage of profits goes offshore – Australians see only fractions of cents in the trillions of dollars made from our national, COMMON-WEALTH!

I think you get the picture – the story took an unplanned direction, it was meant to be a satire! Whichever layer of consciousness or emotion intervened while I was writing I could only give it free rein. Perhaps a new title, ‘How to Fuck a politician and Save the Nation,’ would now be more appropriate!

Have a nice day!

‘I love a burned to a crisp country
A land ruined by traitorous and incompetent politicians ..’

YOU finish it!

Lake Pedder, Tasmania, intentionally flooded and destroyed!
Lake Pedder, Tasmania, intentionally flooded and destroyed!

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