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[Oz] TASER Police torch Aboriginal victim!
by pidge Monday, Jul 20 2009, 10:23pm
national / injustice/law / commentary

The latest incident of INAPPROPRIATE Taser use in Australia follows only weeks after ‘Taser happy’ Police MURDERED a man in Queensland! Not to be outdone by their interstate rivals, WA Police set an Aboriginal man on fire (beat that Queensland) after ‘eager to play with their new toy,’ WA police INAPPROPRIATELY deployed the LETHAL weapon in circumstances that CLEARLY should have prevented its use! The unfortunate man set alight by police was a habitual petrol sniffer and should have been restrained using traditional methods, but we all know what kids and POLICE are like with new LETHAL toys!

Taser 'happy' idiot police
Taser 'happy' idiot police

How many more deaths and severe injuries must the Australian public suffer at the hands of IDIOT, CLEARLY PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNFIT (for the job) CRIMINALLY INCOMPETENT, POLICE?

It has become evident -- from the Federal Government down, Mr ‘Rio Tinto, Balibo’ Rudd -- that our State institutions are staffed by GROSS INCOMPETENTS, substance abusers (AFP Chief, Mick Keelty) and as recent headlines prove, DANGEROUS, moronic police!

It’s TIME for a REAL CHANGE; a thorough purging from the bottom up and top down; A CLEAN SWEEP in other words! Enough said -- it’s time to ROUT the ROT!

[Demand that our elected ‘representatives’ fulfil their LEGAL and CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS or throw them OUT on their ears, it’s easily done via the Courts and via the Electoral Process. Never vote major party; VOTE INDEPENDENT at ALL TIMES in ALL Federal, State and Local, elections.]

Report from the ABC follows:

Man alight 'proves Taser risks'

The Aboriginal Legal Service in Western Australia is calling for a ban on police stun guns after a petrol sniffer caught on fire in the state's far east yesterday afternoon.

Police say the 36-year-old man burst into flames when he was shot with a Taser at the Aboriginal community of Warburton in Goldfields.

It is alleged the man was threatening officers with a container of petrol and a cigarette lighter.

The man was flown to Royal Perth Hospital with third degree burns to his face, arms and chest. He is in a critical but stable condition.

Senior police say an investigation is underway, but it is unlikely the Taser started the fire.

Aboriginal Legal Service chief executive Dennis Eggington says there is mounting proof that Tasers are dangerous.

"I think that the jury's still out on whether or not Taser is a lethal weapon in itself, particularly if you've got a part of the population that is very vulnerable to this type of electric shocks," he said.

Mr Eggington says the man was a petrol sniffer, and Tasers should not be used on Aboriginal people who suffer from a range of health problems.

"The idea of a man getting burnt and Tasers being used while there's volatile substances around is of great concern to the ALS," he said.

Warburton's community adviser, Damien McLean, says the community is distressed by the incident.

Mr McLean says there is general acceptance that the man was posing a direct threat to police.

"Whenever somebody gets burnt in an incident like this everybody's concerned," he said.

"There's an acceptance that the safety of the police is a reasonable thing and that's what Tasers are there to be used for, but of course resulting in burns, it's distressing for immediate family and others."

© 2009 ABC
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Police 'genius' on public display!
by sherlock Tuesday, Jul 21 2009, 10:23pm

You have to read this to believe it:

West Australian Police Union president Russell Armstrong claims Tasers and guidelines for their use fulfil stringent safety requirements. In fact he states, with typical Police 'depth of thought' that, "Tasers are very very safe." Think about the category/type of people police usually confront and his statement ranks with Keelty's "well planned event" idiocy! To quote directly:

"Tasers are very, very safe. They don't kill people, the only people to have died from Tasers are the ones with medical conditions, heart problems and drug users," [Notwithstanding police never ask for a medical certificate before deploying (lethal) Tasers! Emphasis added.]
Perhaps our genius police should look at the figures and REALISE that the categories listed above CONSTITUTE THE LARGEST PROPORTION OF PEOPLE ARRESTED AND INVOLVED IN POLICE CONFRONTATIONS.! DOH!!!

As previously stated, a clean sweep of Federal and State politicians is imperative if we are to restore Australia to any semblance of competent functionality!

You wouldn't feed any of the current crop of retards and DUNCES -- by their own MORONIC mouths are they condemned!

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