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"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting" -- George Orwell
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The ENTIRE WORLD is appalled while the US continues in DENIAL!
by budgie Monday, Jul 13 2009, 9:00pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Living in their own private 'Idaho'

'What does it take for the yanks to get the message,' is the question the ENTIRE WORLD IS ASKING today?

Recently discovered nano-thermite particles at ground zero (9/11) completely DEBUNK the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ government 9/11 fictional report; they ALL lied regarding the invasion of Iraq, which resulted in over one million civilian deaths and four million displaced persons; Cheney confesses to approving TORTURE on national television; now, MORE revelations regarding Cheney and secret CIA orders involving heinous criminal activities. But the most outrageous US expectation is THEY hope the WORLD accepts their INSANE and ABSURD FANTASY LAND of DENIAL – not a snowflake’s chance!

Allow me to express the international sentiment – give us a fuckin’ break you vile, CRIMINAL, AMERICAN HYPOCRITES!

The latest puppet president is losing the very last vestiges of credibility the nation may have had. Contrast Obama’s LYING speeches with those of previous leaders of INTEGRITY, JFK and Martin Luther King! Obama is incapable of looking the people in the eye! It IMMEDIATELY BECOMES APPARENT that Obama is a paid for puppet of Corporate ruled America! It is the MISTAKEN Corporate belief that the masses are unable to remember more than three weeks past! Well, that may apply in banjo-playing America, but the mayhem, destruction and human tragedy the criminal USA has wrought on a relatively peaceful world since the turn of the century does not easily fade from memory!

The question the US needs to ask itself is how much longer can it hope to survive in a fantasy world?

It is TIME TO HOLD THE CRIMINALS TO ACCOUNT – from Wall St. to Capitol Hill! Arrest the bastards – simple as that; can you imagine how pathetic you appear to the outside world?

Rout the rot or suffer the INEVITABLE CONSEQUENCES of a PARIAH and RUINED nation. YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY OR AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER – and a note to allies of this clearly criminal nation; think again, lest YOU share in its fate! The US has nowhere to go but DOWN – that is the VIVID REALITY of America today!

Chinese students laugh at Geithner!

Listen carefully!

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