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Oz Pigs fail in court bid to prevent free association of motorcycle club members
by cubic Thursday, Jul 9 2009, 11:24pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

South Australian pigs were also ordered to pay the court costs of ‘Finks’ MC members! A clear message from the Australian judiciary was sent to heavy-handed FASCIST POLICE attempting to ERODE hard-won DEMOCRATIC LIBERTIES and implement draconian laws preventing FREE ASSOCIATION! It is a sorry indictment on all AUSTRALIA that the job of preserving our hard-won democratic rights has fallen to bikers alone -- shame on gutless and apathetic, Australia!

Brendan Nelson, MP and 'organised criminal'
Brendan Nelson, MP and 'organised criminal'

Oz Bikers are the modern equivalent of the hard and fast riding Kelly gang, which was victimised by the oppressive British Crown and Colonial Police – little has changed today, it seems!


Police already have unprecedented and wide-ranging powers, including social surveillance, from tapping all digital communication to CCTV; yet this lazy bunch of corrupt, drunken gits, NOW wish to PREVENT AUSTRALIANS from forming free associations – someone is out of their NAZI MINDS’ and it ain’t me, babe!

If police are successful in their attempt to oppress society in this way I can assure you -- based on reams of historical evidence -- that jackboots and storm-troopers would follow.

A former Italian Fascist (Blackshirt heritage) Premier of NSW attempted to introduce draconian laws and paid the ultimate political price, he was unceremoniously booted from office for his contractive social policies and his poor managerial/work record; INDEED, HEAVY HANDED SOCIAL POLICIES ARE ALMOST ALWAYS IMPLEMENTED TO HIDE AND COMPENSATE FOR LAZY, INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES/INSTITUTIONS!

I am less concerned with alleged criminal activity than I am with the looming prospect of TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT; people should be aware that policy decisions favouring draconian laws are made for the BENEFIT OF THE FEW AND NEVER SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE MAJORITY and for those who have forgotten, DEMOCRACY IS MAJORITY RULE!

BE AWARE and beware of minority interests (Murdoch) attempting to apply mandatory censorship on the free flow of digital (internet) information but be particularly concerned when drunken, incompetent, corrupt, Taser-abusing, HEAVY-HANDED police, attempt to implement contractive social policies under the guise of organised criminal activity!

Report from ‘Adelaide Now’ follows:

Police to pay Finks after control order bid fails
by Sean Fewster

POLICE Commissioner Mal Hyde must pay two lawyers who successfully blocked his latest attempt to control the Finks Motorcycle Club.

In another roadblock to SA Police's anti-bikie efforts, two Adelaide magistrates refused Mr Hyde's push to reactivate the controversial orders.

Magistrates Kym Millard and Koula Kossiavelos noted their decision to stay the cases of 10 Finks members, pending a constitutional challenge, had been criticised by the Supreme Court. They found, however, insufficient reason to change their minds.

Ms Kossiavelos further ordered the Commissioner pay the costs of lawyers Craig Caldicott and Sam Doyle, who represented the Finks members.

The Advertiser understands the amount is a few hundred dollars.

A spokeswoman for Mr Hyde yesterday said there would "be no comment from SAPOL" on the matter.

The Full Court of the Supreme Court this month will determine if the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008 is unconstitutional, as claimed by club members.

Ms Kossiavelos and Mr Millard last month adjourned separate control order applications until that challenge was decided. Their stance was criticised by Justice David Bleby in June.

"One has to assume the law is valid until it is declared invalid," he said.

"Whatever one might think about the merits of the law, it's not for judges or magistrates to enter into that field."

Debbie DePalma, for the Commissioner, yesterday said Justice Bleby's comments proved the cases should go ahead "as soon as possible".

She warned evidence against the Finks would "go stale" if not presented to the court immediately. Mr Doyle, for the Finks, said the application was "unnecessary and misconceived". Mr Millard and Ms Kossiavelos agreed. The control order applications were adjourned until July 31.
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