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Volcano/Earth changes watch
by finch Sunday, Jun 21 2009, 11:01pm
international / environment / opinion/analysis

In the current period (2009) we are witnessing an alarming increase of geophysical activity, particularly volcanic eruptions! In these circumstances we should all ask; ‘where have all the volcanologists and geophysicists gone?’

Sarychev volcano erupting North of Japan
Sarychev volcano erupting North of Japan

The Rabaul Caldera is going nuts and has the potential to blow with the force of hundreds of megatons of nuclear warheads! Surely that prospect alone warrants a little note on the back pages somewhere!

Undersea volcanoes in the South Pacific are erupting almost continuously yet only a fleeting mention of the Tonga undersea eruption. We have eruptions in Italy, Chile, Alaska and now Russia and Indonesia – none of these eruptions could be considered minor nor should they be viewed as ISOLATED events – you see, sheeple, they are ALL connected via the Pacific ring of FIRE; the ‘pimple’ volcanoes are mere expressions of a singular greater force of nature.

The point I am making is that extremely important information that connects all the volcanic ‘dots’ is being suppressed for fear of widespread panic – an earlier article (see link) covering the Asian tsunami and drawing attention to the unstable Californian coast was deleted from most US sites that carried it, we can only wonder why, though the answer would seem obvious!

Governments are neither prepared nor do they wish to face the enormous challenges of large scale destruction, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ policy is preferred! However, citizens that do not share this lemming approach to existence/society require detailed and frequently updated information of potentially dangerous activity. It’s a shame volcanoes cannot perform on cue like Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda; we would be hearing a great deal more if they could!

So let’s hear it from those experts who could detail why volcanic events are not isolated and what we could be facing in the very near future -- a geophysical calamity of Armageddon proportions!

Yes, Virginia, there is a BIGGER PICTURE!

No extensive links provided; apply your ‘finely honed’ survival skills to the search boxes provided; from there who knows what you could uncover and learn about becoming a survivor, baa’aa!

[We urge members and other groups to seek info from naval research publications and other civilian sources. Most information is currently available in the public domain though it would probably require organising into a coherent larger body to be useful. It paints a rather interesting picture, all things considered!

The current (Cleaves) site has served its purpose and will soon be taken offline; fully browesable CDs of the site are being developed and should soon be available. We are going underground there is much work to complete prior to the economic collapse of 2010. Be comforted in the knowledge that we now have chapters and branches in most nations, including Outer Mongolia!

How do you win a war without fighting it?

To the Victors go the spoils – We are ONE!]

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