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by reed Friday, May 8 2009, 11:39am
international / prose/poetry / literature


at the mid of night
till the darkest hour before dawn
does He come
in secret
to steal my soul

momentarily my longing is quelled

When the moon hangs full in blackness
Glistening skin and scented sweat, I am overtaken!

Suspended like a young lover in ecstasy I am
transfixed by His burning lust and corundum eyes
my quivering frame betrays my longing

Slanted lids and cloven smiles steal my soul
and crucify my mind; helpless,
limp, subdued, in His arms I am transported

Like a virgin dervish spinning in ecstatic bliss
All is Lost; existence quivers
in sympathy as
Our souls unite in dreaded Synchrony

Hoisted and propelled through worlds of frozen fire and burning ice
the Gods pay tribute to those who dare lay siege at heavenís gate
and storm the walls of paradise.

Listen to whispers of time swirling
inexorably toward completion
I am overtaken, my soul is stolen
And with it the need to survive

I am sacrificed nightly in His arms
and impaled by his thorny song.

Who steals my soul so easily
His reptile eyes and agile tongue
Find my secret treasure-rooms
How much can a body bear?

As dawn approaches He departs like a shadow
A phantom; my Satanic lover has filled me with
the knowledge of all things and a cure for all of lifeís vexations

Days are for children's pursuits
nights are reserved for Him
Who dares approach the secret places
where nymphs and satyrs frolic?

Who makes slaves of demons
and forces Lucifer to relinquish his light?

I surrender so that I may overcome the Light --
There is no Light without darkness to define it!

He haunts the dreams of Kings and beggars,
She gives rise to galaxies?

What would You?


atavistic lover
atavistic lover

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