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"Young blood must have its course, and every dog its day" -- Charles Kingsley
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A poem for a frightened friend
by quill Saturday, Apr 18 2009, 7:16am
international / prose/poetry / literature

No milk or custard today!

Treasonous lackey cowards!
Treasonous lackey cowards!

               Who dares call them allies?

Have you heard the warble of an Aussie morning
Have you tasted its sweet mountain air?
Have you inhaled her wild blue ranges
Or kissed her maidens fair?
Have you stood on her ancient coastline
And let the wind whip at your hair?
Have you swum in her seas and oceans
And heard their whispers in your ear?
Have you trod her mighty deserts
Have you spanned her azure skies?
Have you walked her hidden gorges
And felt her soft rain on your eyes?
Have you dreamt her ancient dreaming
Beneath her Southern Cross sky?
Would you stand erect like a native soul
Or bend your neck to another?
Would you walk on your knees before Americans,
Killers with bloodied eyes?
Would you call a killer friend
And pretend that black is white?
Rather call it what it is
A lawless criminal in flight!
Never submit when slavery comes dressed in spangled chains
Never succumb to liars or those who preach disdain
Remember who you are if doubt haunts your sleepless mind
You’re a cringing bloody Aussie, mate
Afraid of noises in the night!


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Asymmetry is a Keyboard
by kindred Saturday, Apr 18 2009, 11:35pm

All lamers, killers, torturers, Beware!

His lightning hair and flaming eyes
Weave spells around them many times;
Stand numb in Awe and Holy Dread
For He on Ambrosia, Soma feeds
And drinks the milk of Paradise.

"One third of humanity derives inspiration and renewal from chaos and the flux of existence – the dread of conservatives is the font of inspiration for others. ‘Creatives’ bathe in uncertainty and find joy in dissolution. The swirling vortices that devour identities, formalised notions and fixtures, reinvigorate creatives.

The world is fast entering a phase of rapid change, uncertainty, destruction and renewal – who is best suited to survive and which human genus faces extinction?"

It is over, lamers! I informed you (NSA/CIA) directly at the outset, 5 years past, but you hesitated! I hope you enjoyed the show [you mindless morons!] Would you now create a hero or hold a light aloft?

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