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For humans, nothing exists outside the human experience!
by fish Thursday, Mar 26 2009, 8:58pm
international / theology / commentary

I refer to a minority of humans who assume authority over the less aware or educated based on the absurd claim they represent the ‘divine’ or speak for ‘God,’ you know, that all-powerful entity that requires man’s help to express ‘his/her’ ideas -- ridiculous!

Wankers and paedophiles
Wankers and paedophiles

These ideological despots refer to texts written by men for men, and it is no coincidence that all religious texts favour the existence of a class of elite theologians, clerics, monks or priests to Lord over the poor dumb masses and guide them in directions favouring the maintenance of a powerful (parasitic) priest class, how surprising! The temporal/physical wealth associated with religious institutions indicates their real character!

In order to maintain their opulence, affluence and power over the masses, elite theologians periodically make decrees favouring the continuation of perverse practices regardless of the cost to those that mistakenly believe these theological liars to be representing something other than themselves and their religious institutions.

The latest example of this extreme form of ideological despotism is the medically idiotic claim made by the Pope that condoms exacerbate the problem of HIV/AIDS!

The Pope, an unnatural, insular, masturbator, either has no idea or worse has intentionally distorted the medical facts in order to maintain the TEMPORAL influence and wealth of the Catholic Church! Any claim that condoms do NOT assist in the prevention of AIDS is not only grossly inaccurate it is also criminally delinquent and LEGAL ACTION should be IMMEDIATELY taken against this perverse character for the sake of the public good! A strong case is easily made in that regard.

The highly respected medical journal, Lancet, refers to the Pope’s statement as, “distorted” and an attempt “to manipulate science to support Catholic ideology.”

It is clear this particular masturbator must be prevented from compromising the health of entire societies simply because he wishes to secure temporal advantage for his religious organisation.

Taking this dangerous clown to task and holding him accountable in the legal arena would not only prevent future health risks to society it would send a clear message to all religious frauds and deceivers (and there are many!)

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