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"First, they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you. Then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Short memories and cowardice among ‘Superpowers’
by birdie Tuesday, Mar 3 2009, 12:41am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

The avowed enemy of Russia, China and the entire free world, as the crimes of the past decade clearly indicate, is the criminal, terrorist (by any definition) USA! But what is Russia and China actually doing to forever hamstring this evil, mass murdering influence and prevent it wreaking more horror and havoc on the world?

Has Russia forgotten how the USA threw billions of dollars into weapons and training of Mujahideen forces and Pakistani tribals during the Russian misadventure into Central Asia? Have we so soon forgotten the RESULT of that tactical manoeuvre by the USA, comrades? YES, the total COLLAPSE of the USSR – accompanied by numerous wild parties in Washington, Virginia, N. Carolina and various capitals in Western and Eastern Europe! Indeed comrades you were made to eat shit while the whole world watched – and you ate it professionally as only Russian slavs are capable of doing!

And you China, are you not aware that America is forever your sworn enemy, as the failed attempt to stir Tibetan unrest during the Olympic Games would clearly indicate? The Dalai Fraud and his US backed insurgents took the shine off YOUR games -- your loss of face did not go unnoticed by anyone; shame on you Asian slaves!

Did you expect American rustics to exhibit some manners or sensitivities and allow you to have your day in the sun? Not a chance, Han; you only exhibit your naivety and servility to the entire world.

Have you not noticed the creeping encroachments on your border regions, COMRADES? Did not the thoroughly illegal Balkan wars and illegal land grab (Kosovo) ring alarm bells in your cringing brains? Why is America so desperate to surround you with missile ‘defences?’

Surely you knew attacks on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade were INTENTIONAL and the deaths of Chinese nationals demanded full restitution – what measures have been taken to regain face and RESPECT by demanding reparations, comrade Han?

Did you not notice the smirk on Clinton’s face when he feigned regret over the ‘accidental’ attacks on Chinese nationals; notwithstanding the war was illegal and orchestrated by the USA in the first instance?

Your Generals have informed you that you are NOW in the position to REVERSE the state of play by enabling sworn and determined enemies of terrorist America to defend themselves and repel the invader forever? YES indeed, America would not hesitate to take advantage of this situation if it had the opportunity.

Comrades, you are staring at Pashtun Pakistan but you do not see! Pakistan is almost overrun by tribals from the North -- the lackey Pakistani government cowers in the capital and a few other regions it is able to control and YET you have not enabled the Pakistani tribals to take what is needed and put an end to American influence forever! You may live to regret losing this opportunity, comrades. Be advised, you know it, America would not hesitate!

You have made a common mistake by allowing your own humanity to assess a mad dog – have a good look at the previous decade if you doubt what I am about to state clearly.

America has no where to go but to WAR; it has failed economically and in every other way and only has one card left to play – its military option! However, to ensure success that option must be utilised to the full – in other words COMRADES a sudden (surprise) pre-emptive, nuclear attack on your nations and allies – ALL America’s problems are solved thereby.

Surely you have noticed EVERY ATTEMPT by America to surround you in order to create a PRE-EMPTIVE, FIRST STRIKE ADVANTAGE?

Why else do you think they are surrounding you, COMRADE, MORON, COWARDS!

Enable the Pashtun tribals, as America once enabled the Mujahideen against YOU!

Launch a pre-emptive, saturation, nuclear attack on the United States, its Western European and Middle East allies – they have cast the dye let not yourselves be caught flat-footed again! Understand this and understand it well, they would not hesitate if the situation were reversed.

[He who hesitates is LOST indeed!]

You are dealing with LAWLESS, MURDERING, ANIMALS, or haven’t you noticed?


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    Preaching To The Choir?     Timothy V. Gatto via rialator     Tue, Mar 3 2009, 11:09am 

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