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Obama approved drone missile strike in Pakistan
by major mitchell Sunday, Jan 25 2009, 9:44am
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'change we can believe in'

Obama has been ‘blooded’ by his handlers. Obama, fully cognisant of the consequences of his action, approved a drone missile strike that targeted and killed innocent civilians in Pakistan! Get used to it because it’s the nature of modern American warfare (MURDER). For every targeted individual at least 10 innocent civilians also die; missiles launched from 30,000 feet could hardly be considered precision weapons. ‘Pilots’ flying drone missions from secret US locations are able to treat their job like any other 9 to 5 occupation; ‘collateral damage’ is an 'unfortunate' consequence of modern American criminal warfare -- where is Geneva?

Obama formally sanctions the inappropriate use of RC weapon
Obama formally sanctions the inappropriate use of RC weapon

No smell or blood stains the surreal images on the drone controller’s VDU. Disinfected digital images do not deliver the reality of death or the screams of the innocent!

Obama’s signed order brands him a war criminal and places him squarely in the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld war criminal category – does anyone doubt the mission’s real purpose, which had less to do with targeting the Taliban than intentionally compromising Obama in order to guarantee his allegiance and ensure that he would forever be unable to pursue the former administration for war crimes? Learn the methods and vile nature of US politics today.

Such is the detestable methodology of US politics, which has more in common with mafia tactics than anything else; COMPLICITY and COMPROMISE ensures the status quo, sleep easy now, dubya, Dick and crew!

Not quite, in your arrogance you failed to consider public outrage and a free world sick and tired of American murder tactics. American actions propel it toward a certainty, an outcome that it forced the world to apply. Remember this short essay when you are nuked, and remember that it could have been avoided.

This is the price for failing yourselves, your nation and the world. You have become a vile detestable thing that must be eradicated in order to preserve the peace of the free world!

As history bears witness, you have been formally advised!

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