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Gaza, murder to a timetable!
by finn Monday, Jan 19 2009, 5:07pm
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Wanton destruction, wholesale vandalism, indiscriminate murder and ALL ON CUE; that is Gaza today! Israel (America) has called a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza; scorched earth and indiscriminate killing interfere with nice ‘clean’ inauguration ceremonies in Washington! If anyone required emphatic proof of a CONCERTED arrangement, rigged INTERNATIONAL COURTS and a dummy UN you now have it in Gaza – any Englishman would tell you that a good game of cricket is punctuated with tea and lunch breaks, dear chap!

Bush and Olmert
Bush and Olmert

However, Americans are rustic brutes and Jews are arrogant, murdering, racists with no shred of empathy for non-Jews; neither Israel nor America feels obliged to disguise their overt criminal activities in Iraq or Gaza, WHY?

It should now be clear to everyone that the UN and so-called ‘International’ Legal Courts are PARTIAL; we have yet to see ONE American or Israeli face a war crimes tribunal! What a thorough tragedy for the civilised world that fact is; allowing two rogue nations to literally get away with murder augurs very badly for the future of the world.

Nations pursue criminal directions ONLY when other nations FAIL to ENFORCE the LAW. One can only wonder why China and Russia display such obvious weakness in the face of OVERT CRIMINALITY from Western States. May we suggest a wakeup call with Kosovo? Support Serbia’s assertion of territorial sovereignty and LEGAL claim over KOSOVO -- the province was STOLEN by the same forces that spread mayhem and destruction in the world today; it is time to end the criminal reign of ROGUE NATIONS! It MUST END where it STARTED, in KOSOVO!

Would anyone care to bet on the likelihood of hostilities resuming in Gaza or Lebanon after the Obama show has ended in Washington?

I have nothing more to add except to acknowledge that this short piece was inspired by Robert Fisk’s assessment of the situation. Link below:

Olmert and Obama
Olmert and Obama

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