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Gaza: 'Apocalypse'
by cleaves Sunday, Jan 18 2009, 10:22pm
international / social/political / news report

Australian aid worker, Tim Costello, has described the scene and conditions in Gaza since the Israeli onslaught as “Apocalyptic!” Tim Costello is apt to use biblical terminology as he is a practicing Christian. He is also known to Aussies as the older brother of former Treasurer to the Howard government, Peter Costello. I mention his background and creds in order to highlight that this man, who has seen many disasters, including the Asian tsunami and Burma cyclone, is not given to exaggeration.


In the absence of COMPREHENSIVE MEDIA COVERAGE in Gaza – God forbid Western citizens should actually witness the carnage Israel/America inflicts -- we are forced to rely on the word of men of integrity and character; I would add that Tim is the opposite of his supercilious prick, gutless wonder (brother), Peter!

The media fails to cover the slaughter in Gaza for two reasons; Israel has a policy of directly targeting the media (and other observers) and certain other interests wish to keep the Western majority in a state of ignorance – they learnt from the Vietnam experience that popular outrage actually ends wars – imagine that! The cessation of hostilities and fair/equitable solutions all interfere with the US doctrine of “permanent war;” implemented in ’99 by Clinton and escalated in Central Asia and the Middle East by Bush. Report as little as possible and keep all accurate, dramatic and graphic footage to a bare minimum – an outraged population may rise again and demand PEACE, and we all know we can’t have Peace at any cost!

But what a difference the internet makes; go ask Obama how indispensible it was to his victory.

Once again the murdering orchestrators that hide in the shadows have failed to read the signs of the times but on this occasion that failure will prove to be their FINAL UNDOING – the people can all BE assured of that OUTCOME. Rodents easily reveal ALL to save their own miserable skins. Collecting evidence is routine in these matters.

War crimes committed in Gaza and Iraq are known to the ENTIRE world, however, the principals behind these actions remain in the shadows, do you feel our collective breath on your necks, gentlemen, are you able to hear the murmur of approaching thunder growing steadily louder?

We promised you four years past via the NSA that we would hunt you down and hold you accountable, we knew that we would get your attention and we have utilised that little grabber to our advantage ever since, O how thoroughly stupid and inept you people really are!

Regard our handiwork and what we have accomplished since that email four short years ago, YOU ARE FINISHED! The more intelligent of your band of brigands is aware of that fact and even now they make haste to evade justice. But to no avail I would add!

We taunt you now simply because it’s over – the Obama circus is stillborn but give it your best shot anyway, it’s all you have left! Retribution is assured; we easily accomplish our goals with the subtlest re-directions.

Why do you seek us so fervently; it is a constant source of amusement watching you fail in that endeavour? We have no secrets, you need simply ask for our identities and we would announce it from the highest mountains, ‘WE ARE THE PEOPLE ..’ and we would restore JUSTICE and bring PEACE upon our fragile earth.

WE are ONE.

[Don’t you be the one who breaks the link; forward this message until it becomes 'viral' – leave no doubt as to the final outcome/victory!]



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Norwegian doctor in Gaza reports on war crimes
by fleet Monday, Jan 19 2009, 7:13pm

Dr. Mads Gilbert, witnesses the deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza.

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