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Nice try, but …
by dev null Sunday, Dec 28 2008, 9:10pm
international / peace/war / commentary

The British PM, Gordon Brown, sent as clear a message with his recent “save the world” slip/gaffe in the British Commons as did grotesque rodent and former Oz PM, John Howard upon his return to Oz post 9/11. Howard’s body language spoke volumes at the time though his mouth spewed the usual LIES. Howard, as recorded on national TV news, behaved as though he was ducking a magpie attack, yet no dive-bombing maggies or other tangible threats from overhead were evident, very revealing behaviour indeed! Howard had just been briefed in Washington on the new world order -- as America fantasised it – he was clearly not a happy, CRINGING, LACKEY, COWARD at the time!

Dark foreboding hangs over the Capitol
Dark foreboding hangs over the Capitol

Howard’s laughable and comically REVEALING ducking and weaving indicated the pressure this rodent of a man was under. America’s plans involved the murder of thousands of innocent civilians. Howard was clearly worried he might find himself hanging from Parliament House back in Oz if things didn’t go according to plan.

The US, with Israel’s help, had planned it perfectly – so THEY thought! But it began to unravel almost immediately after the overkill of the conveniently placed flight manual “in Arabic” left in a parked car at Boston airport.

That revealing ‘plant’ was soon followed by another failed attempt at demon creation, the anthrax letter attacks, which were soon exposed as originating from US military labs -- all anthrax spores have a chemical signature which indicates point of manufacture/origin; in other words anthrax spores are easily identifiable/traceable --the best laid plans of mice and ‘rats!’

The entire tragic bungle for US world domination is now part of the historical record for those interested in further research. Fortunately most of the data is out of the control of the perpetrators of the crimes. History invariably arrives at an accurate version of events, which brings us to today’s pathetic attempts by the same criminal forces that brought you 9/11 and the anthrax letters.

Gordon ‘Clown’s revealing gaffe of ‘saving the world’ signals the development of a plan drafted in the mid 90’s by ultra-conservative forces to gain greater control of available resources and the global economy.

We recall how then Secretary General of NATO, Lord ‘boaz’ Robertson rattled off his lines of Unity and NATO expansionism to a stunned post 9/11 world. NATO has since unsuccessfully attempted to absorb former Soviet bloc nations; Russia sent a clear message that it viewed NATO’s expansionism on its borders as overt military aggression. [You’re damn lucky it wasn’t me or any of my colleagues from the academy making decisions, we wouldn’t have hesitated launching a full scale attack on the major capitals of Western Europe; we learnt never to stand down at the academy, but to return to the story.]

The US via its Wall St robber barons has poisoned the world economy with toxic credit products; this was not entirely intentional; however, the ‘credit crisis’ is now being utilised to wage an economic war on China and Russia! It is hoped that widespread unemployment will create domestic unrest and weaken the superpowers of the East, making them more vulnerable to an outside attack – be advised and prepared, comrades!

It is clear the USA has no intention of desisting from its expansionist agenda. The ‘secret’ to survival is a sudden two-pronged pre-emptive strike on the USA with all available force. This should be mounted while creating a diversion in the Middle East, a plan also considered by Israel and America – do not forget gentlemen that the war began with the illegal bombing of the Balkans by Western forces in 1999.

The West has since destabilised entire regions, murdered and displaced millions of people in its criminal bid for the resources of other nations.

Obama’s inauguration, or soon after, would NOT be the ideal time for such an attack; note that any attack at this time would be a black flag, internal operation.

A possible alternative could involve Iran or Hezbollah responding to Israel’s criminal attacks on Gaza – the complete nuclear obliteration of Israel is advised as the shock value and remote target would cause a rethink in Washington – why defend (or respond) to something that no longer exists? [And attract the very real possibility of total annihilation.] This action may provide the necessary deterrent to the belligerent, expansionist policies of the West; nevertheless it remains painfully clear there can be no peace while (Israel) and the US exist!

Why tolerate economic warfare from the West, comrades – WAR IS WAR and the aim is to defeat the enemy by all available means, or have we forgotten? Must we spell out the obvious time and again?

Note some recent comments of puppet western politicians – from an article (link below) titled;

British PM defiant on economy, sees new US alliance

“British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will use his New Year address to call for a ‘coalition for change’ with US President-elect Barack Obama in a speech intended as a rallying call to Britons.

Mr Brown identifies the economy, climate change, and security as the main challenges facing the world in 2009 and pledges to work with the United States to tackle them, positioning the US alliance beyond a traditional focus on military cooperation.

I look forward to working with President-elect Obama in creating a transatlantic, and then a global coalition for change," [Emphasis added.]
Now hearken back to comments made by former Sec. Gen. of NATO at the time of 9/11 and realise the continuity of plans, though strategies may change to suit circumstances.

In any event the final decision may not rest with you, gentlemen; I refer to Eastern and Western powers. Cyber warriors/elite hackers went ‘Uber’ in the late 90’s, you cannot fight what you cannot see, gentlemen. All major networks have since been compromised – as proof we offer the billions that ‘somehow’ disappear from wire transfers between banks and other large financial institutions, call it poetics!

Enough said at this stage but we tire of indecision, reticence and the inane dribbling of puppet politicians. Be advised we are enabled, gentlemen; you can bet your lives on that! Perhaps a well-timed demonstration may convince the sceptics.

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