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Do not focus on this FACT, for Christ’s sake!
by peptide Friday, Dec 26 2008, 7:45pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Little question all thinking people should ask – and it seems they are an endangered species these days -- how many US or NATO forces/soldiers have been tried for war crimes and other crimes against humanity at the Hague since 1999? Answer: none! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Now do a little research and discover for yourselves how many INNOCENT CIVILIANS these forces murder on a DAILY basis! A very high price is extracted for transforming your brains into soup, you mindless fuckin’ morons.

Should I take the trouble and name the REAL ENEMY of the PEOPLE for you dead-heads, not on your worthless lives? We have a saying in Oz that describes a person who is COMPLETELY USELESS; ‘he couldn’t do it to save his life’ – how fuckin’ appropriate! What you idiots do not realise is the future price YOU will ALL pay for tolerating the most heinous criminal activity and flagrant corruption from ‘leaders’ since the Nazis of WWII.

If you imagine I have a very low opinion of the common herd you may be right; however, I DO NOT SHARE THE BELIEF (OF OUR RULERS) THAT MINDLESS, MORONIC MASSES ARE TOTALLY EXPENDABLE; though I do agree they are not worth a pinch of shit! Makes ya think, don’t it Jethro? O, sorry, I forgot; you can’t think without a brain!

The difference between people of conscience and the criminal powers is MORALITY -- we do not ‘truck’ with (mass) murderers. However, the almost universal toleration of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in the highest offices in the land by the masses, forces people with a conscience to seek alternative solutions – and there are many!

In conclusion all I can say is hang onto your seat belts, you dumb fucks! You are about to die in the hundreds of millions -- courtesy of YOUR psychopathic (believe it) leaders! There’s not a lot we can do but watch, record and survive.

Herding Humans For Profit
by Peter Chamberlin

The Pentagon and the CIA are working in tandem to force targeted nations like India and Pakistan to accept the decision which has been made to "outsource" the terror war to them and other patsy nations like them. Agency contract hits like the Mumbai attack and bombings in FATA are blamed on "al Qaida" by the government-controlled media in the West and in the media controlled by the "patsy" foreign governments. Biased, hate-based reporting serves to drive patriotic fervor to a frenzied state. The duplicitous leaders in those countries then carry-out America's will, to set them upon a path to war, in effect, driving their own people into a "kill trap" where unwanted war is forced upon them. This pattern prevails all over the earth, wherever the US has imperial designs. We are all being herded into a global war trap, some call it world war III.

American mini-dictator generals and crime bosses knew that their global war plans would require massive numbers of committed killers, a goal that a volunteer force could not fulfill. A conscripted army of unwilling, underpaid, over-committed soldiers, who might follow orders to commit genocide, would be unsatisfactory for the task, especially when the focus of the killing turns to their own homelands. No, the committed killers who have volunteered to be underpaid and overworked in order to gain the right to kill were too few in number, so they had to be supplemented. This is the reason that the US has created massive armies and navies of high-paying "civilian" contract killers (mercenaries).

But even the combination of federal troops and private armies is not great enough to fulfill the mission of global conquest. This is where the plan incorporates co-opted foreign armies, like those of India and Pakistan. Where NATO has failed to serve as a second American force, to command at will, these co-opted foreign armies under indirect US control are meant to fill the gap.

The CIA is using all the tricks of its dark and bloody trade to harness these foreign forces.

It continues to carry-out the trademark of its craft, the creation and arming of local warlords, criminal gangs and militias, to commit the acts of terrorism that will justify the government crackdown and drive the local population to support it. In the conflict building between India and Pakistan, American patsies on both sides are driving the two nations to serve America's violent interests in the region, that of containing both China and India, eliminating the "Islamic bombs" held by Pakistan, seizing pipeline routes and setting the stage for the next phase of the war plan, countering Russia and Iran.

American foreign aid and military assistance are twin traps for erasing national sovereignty and entrenching US interests within the aid-receiving governments. Targeted governments, like India and Pakistan are made so dependent upon the inflow of US dollars that they see the cut-off of that aid as an existential threat to their existence, equal to or surpassing the threat of war. What these leaders (who have all grown wealthy from skimming these dollars) either fail to realize or to consider at the cost of losing that wealth, is that the aid itself represents the greatest threat that their nations have ever faced. Their leaders, just like our leaders, whom they emulate, represent only themselves, as they continue to hoard the lifeblood of our nations.

American leaders and all the foreign leaders who work with them represent the greatest evil that this world has ever known. They are carrying-out and cooperating with the bloodiest, most devious plan ever devised by human minds, to grab all the wealth from all nations, regardless of the cost in human and animal life. Hitler and Stalin were mere "pikers," compared to our neocon/Zionist overlords. No previous tyrant or would-be dictator ever came as close to snuffing-out human freedom and individualism as these "Neo-American" dreamers have positioned themselves to do.

Collective human nature has never been so ready to surrender all rights for the privilege of working, eating or obtaining health care as it now stands prepared to do. Desperation remains the key to the warlords' success. The more desperation spreads, and the more desperate that people become to obtain the most basic of human needs, the more easily they will volunteer to become killers and to forsake all those insignificant things like human rights and morality that all of us resisters consider sacred.

What's at stake, besides the massive loss of life, is the massive reversal of all the gains and inroads made by human rights advocates throughout history and the complete elimination of the concepts of freedom and inalienable rights professed by America's founding fathers, for the sake of preserving the profit margins of today's robber barons.

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