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Star-spangled Rustics
by dingo Monday, Dec 1 2008, 10:20pm
international / peace/war / commentary

The literate world wonders at times what it would take to get a simple message through the American skull; like Obama is a LIAR and a FRAUD more reprehensible than overt criminals Bush and Cheney!


Did we so easily forget Obama rushing off during his frantic nomination campaign to Virginia with his ‘opponent’ Hillary Clinton to attend the Bilderberg convention? That little diversion earned Obama the new nic of ‘Barack O’Bilderderg!’ Perhaps his ‘amazing embrace’ of AIPAC and his choice of war dog Biden as VP may have tinkled a bell deep in the recesses of the Ozark or Texan skull?

But NO, we’ve been far too busy following the exploits of Paris ‘vacuum-head’ Hilton and lapping up the latest Murdoch lies and propaganda -- laughingly called news in the United States -- to notice WE’VE BEEN DUPED YET AGAN! Gawd damn it! NOTHING of substance in American policy has changed since the mid-nineties, nothing whatsoever!

It’s full steam ahead with every policy and plan developed before Bill Clinton had his cock sucked in the White House by a plump fanny-flashing intern! It takes real character to be an American President, don’t it, Jethro? ‘Dog on heat’ Clinton, lobotomised dummy, Bush and the greatest betrayer of them all, Barack O’palliative Bummer!

Perhaps we are being a tad too harsh, after all, the removed view from Australia affords a higher degree of objectivity – but mooo such luck. The top layer icing and cherry on the cake is Obama’s selection of “OBLITERATE Iran, ” Hillary for Secretary of State and Bob ‘to hell with international law, I’ll fight ‘em anywhere’ Gates, for Defence Secretary – take a GOOD LOOK at the line-up now, Joe Dumbfuck! Blind Freddy NOW sees! Praise the Lord, praise Jesus -- but only after he finishes sucking my cock, you morons – halleluiah! Oops, sorry about that, JC!

Buried deep in this well camouflaged ‘discourse’ are inferences relating to the FINAL COST – don’t blame the messenger -- to America for its profound stupidity and policies.


In your deluded dreams, Uncle -- never before has one nation begged so fervently to be annihilated. Try to understand the consequences of your actions, Jethro; it may just save your life!

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