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The SLAUGHTER of INNOCENTS and the rise of Terror
by gan Friday, Nov 28 2008, 10:28pm
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The Clinton presidency, which is directly responsible for the fragmentation of the Balkans, destabilising African nations -- especially Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda -- and imposing the now infamous child-killing embargos on pre-invasion Iraq, paved a course for the next (neocon) administration to follow; which it did but with even greater zeal and disregard for international law and convention than the Clinton administration.

We're back: Clinton as Sec. of State.  'Change?'
We're back: Clinton as Sec. of State. 'Change?'

Clinton’s inhuman record of wars and child-killing – over half a million Iraqi children perished due to lack of medical and other ESSENTIAL supplies blocked by US instigated embargos – should have been difficult to beat, but the neocons soon showed they were more than up to the task. The cruelty (torture), horror, mass murder and nation destroying terror of the Bush regime is now infamous, its exploits are now a matter of public record and are easily accessed by those wishing to prosecute or hold the criminals to account -- an absolutely essential action if the world would avoid falling into anarchy and chaos, which is the REAL underlying plan of the US, as military technology is the last area in which it leads the world!

[I am reminded of my deaf grandmother who refused to seek medical assistance for her hearing loss; she instead accommodated her deafness by irritating those around her until they were forced to scream at her!] The pathological behaviour of my dear ol’ grandmother is mirrored today on a national and very dangerous scale by the USA; rather than take the civilised, moral course, where it no longer leads, it would rather lead in mayhem and war! How does it go again; “it is better to lead in hell than serve in heaven?” Well, not so for a world now wise to the machinations and terrorist tactics of the USA – though America may indeed find itself in hell!

The neocons soon exceeded the half million children killed by Clinton embargos; they indiscriminately slaughtered or otherwise destroyed, in amphetamine crazed attacks, people and the essential infrastructure of a once functioning nation. Tactics learned in the Balkans -- exploiting ethnic and/or religious differences -- were also employed to full advantage in post-invasion Iraq!

Today the US can boast over ONE MILLION SLAUGHTERED INNOCENT CIVILIANS in Iraq alone! Another job well done by the world’s leading terrorist nation! Do you doubt that assertion? Well, verify it with the simple test of the civilian death toll – no other group, state or nation comes within cooee of America’s civilian-killing record, which is now treble that of the murdering dictator, Saddam Hussein! [What’s wrong with THIS picture? Is the portrait that ‘Dorian Murdoch’ painted beginning to display its REAL FACE?]

The primary discourse refers to mass murder, war crimes and the consequences of NOT holding the guilty accountable! Once law is flouted to the level achieved by America and its few cringing allies; would anyone hope to impose legal restrictions on anyone else? Don’t be a fool, what is ‘good’ for our elected leaders is soon adopted by the people – do not be surprised if a perfect stranger casually walks up to you one day and puts a bullet in your head for no reason whatsoever – such is the cost of America’s actions in the long term!

The secondary discourse relates to those (Obama) that would ignore the crimes and injustices perpetrated against human kind and civilised society by the world’s leading terrorist nation, America! In other words we are either part of the solution or part of the problem, as inaction and action are both determinants in an outcome!

As the world continues to be DESTABILISED BY THE CRIMINAL ACTIONS OF THE WORLD’S LEADING TERRORIST STATE, people that have been traumatised (or OUTRAGED) by the horrific, star-spangled murdering campaign may decide to repay in kind. Are YOU able to offer a more fitting reciprocal action for the perpetrators of the first holocaust of the 21st century?

It is IMPERATIVE to hold those involved in crimes against humanity ACCOUNTABLE! Make no mistake there would be hell to pay if the criminals are allowed to go unpunished.

WE must choose either law order and social cohesion or the ‘Dodge City’ rule of the gun – the ‘solution’ America wishes to impose on the entire world!


We are ONE – against the mass murdering rogue!

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