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The Hopelessness of ‘Change’
by Kingfisher Wednesday, Nov 26 2008, 10:26pm
international / social/political / article

It should now be clear to all that Obama is a FRAUD – it’s full speed ahead for the status quo; it hasn’t missed a beat! The hope of the people has been dashed against the megalith of American power; a monster that prevails against any single politician (JFK) or group that opposes it – notwithstanding that nothing is able to prevail against the PEOPLE!

Obama’s campaign WAS revolutionary in that it was initially propelled and supported by the grass roots. Obama harnessed, for a brief period, the power that lies dormant in the population – and it reverberated through the halls of American power, sending chills down the spines of the power elite!

Obama’s/our moment was actualised when the black impostor threatened the banker elites with the HUGE funds he was able to attract from the grass roots via the internet – and how sweet that moment WAS! Nevertheless, that fleeting taste of victory, the scent of real people power and REAL DEMOCRACY remains. Once experienced it permanently intoxicates! REAL FREEDOM once tasted, no matter how briefly, can never be forgotten or ignored – an awakening people’s army IMPATIENTLY waits for another opportunity to EFFECT REAL CHANGE!

I PROMISE you/myself based on the historical record of every human group and civilisation that has ever existed that the people will soon EFFECT REAL CHANGE – the genii, gentlemen, thanks to your puppet, Obama, is OUT OF THE BOTTLE! And once out it is only a matter of the shortest (historical) period before corrupt elites, insider cabals and criminal politicians are hung from the rafters and adorned from every light pole in every major city in the WORLD -- the advantages of a globalised INTERNET!

There is nothing quite like the sweet smell of justice in the morning and at dusk! The joyous sound of masses dancing, celebrating in the streets while above them, silhouetted against the setting sun, hang the lifeless bodies of those PIGS that have caused so much sorrow, hardship and grief around the world. Picture for instance Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rove and Rice dangling, as a reminder to never again allow criminal scum to hijack OUR DEMOCRACIES.

Allow the sun to forever set on injustice and corruption – the entire world is aware of the travesty of the past nine years and the principals behind the holocausts and other crimes against humanity.

History records that REAL SOCIAL/POLITICAL CHANGE is EFFECTED BY THE PEOPLE FROM THE GRASS ROOTS UP – never from the top down, as the recent American election has graphically DEMONSTRATED. Real and lasting change never occurs from the top – for very obvious reasons!

Obama is more reprehensible than Cheney or Bush – the latter never pretended to be other than the most heinous criminals; the most culpable and most miserable label is therefore reserved for Obama who PROMISED CHANGE and knowingly offered HOPE but sold worthless baubles and indulgences instead. He succumbed to the lowest aspects of human nature, he knew from the outset and contrived with his colleagues to DECEIVE and bitterly disappoint the people who placed him in office; and for that he will receive his due!

Nevertheless, Obama's treachery has unwittingly awakened the people; they now stir from their slumber, never to be deceived by the same flawed, corrupt and non-democratic, political system again – Obama played the last card the elites had. From this point (historical meridian) it is ALL down hill for the elites and ascendency for the people – REAL DEMOCRACY will be restored as surely as the motions of the sun.

Our dawn is fast approaching.

We are ONE

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