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"The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men" -- Plato
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Chavez: "Go ahead and squeal, Yankees"
by Kismo Monday, Sep 8 2008, 10:50pm
international / peace/war / commentary

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend;” we support anyone and everyone who opposes the mass murdering, plundering, LAWLESS, USA. The rogue must be stopped by all available means. Central Asian and Middle Eastern forces are re-asserting their inalienable rights to their traditional lands and HOMES – “death to all invaders!” China, Russia, India and other East Asian nations are mounting economic and energy attacks as I write. The idiocy of the Bush regime has succeeded where outsiders never could – THEY HAVE IN RECORD TIME RUINED THE ECONOMY/NATION FROM WITHIN – we hope the people continue in their apathy and we wish McCain the best of luck in the race to annihilation.

Chavez and Putin
Chavez and Putin

So far EVERYTHING is going to plan, it’s almost symphonic – one could believe in divine intervention. The BEAST is cornered and its demise is INEVITABLE!

I would state quite clearly for the dreamboats who imagine otherwise that NATO presents nothing more than Western capital city TARGETS for Russian and Chinese ICBMs – is that clear? Perhaps emphasis for the dull American mind is required, it reduces to the ‘press of a button’ for Western Europe – thank Western European lackey leaders for that outcome.

During the (illegal) appropriation of Kosovo, as a pipeline corridor, a NATO official stated -- laughing out loud -- “what can Russia do?” Care for a demonstration, you U.S. lackey, clown?

Who in their right minds would have trashed all of Ronald Reagan’s good work with Russia. Enter the lunatic, Zionist, neocon hawks who convinced a mindless administration they could take the entire pie – dream on!

The Bush administration began to systematically push, shove, aggravate, offend and PROVOKE Russia and China one too many times -- the bear and dragon have stirred. Would anyone expect otherwise faced with funding, training and military support for puppet regimes antagonistic to Russia/China and missile installations on sensitive borders? If its war YOU want you will be obliged!

The FACT is Russia alone is able to completely OBLITERATE The USA; combine that strength with China and other allies and the outcome is clear. Regardless of the massive global destruction America and its allies face annihilation. Survival FAVOURS THE EAST, Asia and Africa, simple fact. So bomb, bomb, bomb away, losers!

In the meantime we hope you enjoy observing our naval exercises in the Caribbean!

The question you must ask yourself is, who invited the CONCERTED ONSLAUGHT America faces at the moment? Sort of sneaked up on you while you were busy destroying the economy! HITLER the lunatic wouldn’t have opened so many fronts!

Almost forgot, your digital defences have been decimated – ask the BANKS how much they haemorrhage daily!

“First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin” [you fascist pigs] – Leonard Cohen

Freedom or Death!

If they only knew the REAL STATE OF AFFAIRS they would save us the trouble and lynch you from the nearest light poles! They will learn the truth of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks soon enough – government explanations do not even cut it with children.

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