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Comedy special: ‘Cheney’ warns Russia!
by finn Saturday, Sep 6 2008, 11:38pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Everybody loves a good laugh and roaring laughter is not uncommon in the halls of power. Leaders throughout the world could not contain themselves after Dick ‘shotgun’ Cheney threatened Russia for intervening in S. Ossetia to stop a civilian massacre -- ORDERED BY U.S. PUPPET, Mikheil Saakashvili! Go get ‘em Dick, you psychopath -- we all ‘know’ the Russians are shakin’ in their boots! The laughter from the Kremlin can be heard around the globe, Mr Dick ‘Halliburton’ Cheney!


Cheney’s comments are better read in order to fully appreciate the state of the American (joke in progress) ‘mind;’ text offers clarity and savour so often missing in audio.

Most of us are familiar with Cheney’s demented, pathologically lying statements regarding WMD, Saddam, al-Qaeda and ‘breaking the back of the insurgency;’ but his latest comments in reference to Russia betray a mind both criminal and TOTALLY divorced from reality.

Following are a couple of ‘little’ beauties straight from the crooked mouth and twisted mind of America’s most infamous war criminal but first a little reminder of one of his ‘achievements’ in office. The illegal, based on LIES, invasion and plunder of Iraq, which resulted in 750,000, that’s seven hundred and fifty thousand, dead Iraqi CIVILIANS -- statistics according to a U.S. (John Hopkins) study -- stands as Halliburton's, I mean Cheney's most outstanding achievment. Cheney should be in the dock with Karadzic not protecting Halliburton’s oil interests – you dumb American fuck’s!

I would be preparing for nuclear war if I lived in America – the world has had enough and Russia is fuming at the hypocrisy, false accusations and missile installations on its borders -- all brought to you courtesy of Cheney and his puppet, Bush!

“We know that if one country is allowed to unilaterally redraw the borders of another it will happen and it will happen again!” Cheney forgets America’s involvement in the former Yugoslavia, especially the illegal appropriation of Kosovo, which continues to be legally Serbian sovereign territory. Would you like to rephrase for clarification, Dick, you mindless idiot!

Cheney went on to accuse Russia for intervening to save S. Ossetia from an American/Israeli trained and supplied Saakashvili attack! “That is no way for a responsible power to conduct itself," he said. I think maybe, just perhaps, it could be time for America to take a good l-o-n-g look in the mirror.

U.S. actions in Kosovo, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan have set precedents that will affect numerous nations and ethnic groups globally, it has barely begun! Keep your eye on the Kurds and Turks next. Quebec is technically in a position to declare a non-violent secession while maintaining its links with British Canada – IT WAS AMERICA THAT TORE UP NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION TREATIES AND OPENED PANDORA’S BOX TO OBLIVION!

The new century has indeed been marred by the actions of a rogue, terrorist nation. The civilian death toll remains the clearest most unambiguous measure of terrorist activity and America leads all other terrorist groups in that regard – over one million civilians and innocents killed and climbing weekly with evermore ILLEGAL strikes against civilian targets! No other nation has so flagrantly and ARROGANTLY flouted international law and convention. An administration that legalises torture DARES TO JUDGE ANOTHER for curtailing a civilian massacre! Only in America would such a GROSS INVERSION OF LOGIC and values be accepted – God damns child-murdering Americans!

The international community REJECTS overt criminality and would be loath to support any nation that is stained with the blood of so many innocents. Be advised, when the crunch inevitably comes you may find yourself with very few friends, Uncle – people outside America are not fools!

The crimes of the Cheney-Bush regime are numerous and dastardly. The hard facts and stats speak for themselves and no amount of pathological dissociation from a criminal such as Cheney will alter the fact that AMERICA NOW FACES NUCLEAR OBLITERATION!

Well done, Dicky boy!

Please back up your tough talk with actions Dick, you gutless coward! Do something other than kill thousands of unarmed, innocent civilians and plunder the resources of weaker nations. Bullies always prey on the weak -- take a crack at us, you spineless piece of shit!

The world will learn soon enough there can be no peace while America exists.

The McCain-Palin ticket is a certainty – we love it! How’s it go again, John? “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb America!" Is THAT it?

Never have so few led so many to destruction!

Dick 'Halliburton' Cheney -- war criminal!
Dick 'Halliburton' Cheney -- war criminal!

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