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Moronic Oz command in Afghanistan
by krill Wednesday, Sep 3 2008, 12:29am
international / peace/war / commentary

Only days after U.S. influenced Aussie troops caged SUSPECTED Afghan fighters in DOG PENS, a stunt that elicited outrage across Afghan society, dumb Aussie fuck’s have been given a taste of the real warrior ethic from Afghan fighters!

Oz PM, Kevin Rudd (the dud)
Oz PM, Kevin Rudd (the dud)

Nine Aussie SAS sustained severe injuries after an ambush by Afghan fighters during night operations – perhaps stupid Aussies were searching for more Afghan SUSPECTS to humiliate! Those who KNOW BETTER also tire of the constant labelling of ALL Afghani fighters as TALIBAN – universal labelling in Afghanistan is nothing short of idiotic; one expects these DISTORTIONS and overt LIES from Americans NOT AUSTRALIANS! The region is home to numerous competing tribal and ethnic groups. However, they all share a common hatred of invaders and occupiers, as do all peoples everywhere, doh!

Now replay the idiotic comments of Kevin Rudd in response to a WELL-DESERVED ATTACK; Rudd erroneously stated that Aussie troops were serving Australia in Afghanistan, really! Perhaps a real independent politician would care to raise the issue in parliament and expose the mindless slavery (to America) of our spineless government! We have no good reason to be in that region, none whatsoever! The grovelling of Rudd and his disgusting Foreign Minister ‘kneepads’ Smith is sickening to behold!

Fighting an ENERGY war for the Americans in Afghanistan has naught to do with Australian security; do not be deceived by scurrilous politicians who would attempt to paint it otherwise!

We urge international readers to log onto the Australian ABC and take a good look at the specimens of ‘manhood’ in the Aussie Parliament, you may wish to have a bucket handy, what a pathetic bunch of shits! To think they are all in one place, how bloody convenient for REAL AUSSIE FIGHTERS -- who have just about had enough of grovelling cowards and useless politicians. Just give us the word, and we will return Australia to AUSTRALIANS and make an example of murderers, dogs and cowards like Howard and Rudd – the blood boils!

All the good work done previously to assist and establish good relations with Afghans goes up in smoke with the current moronic Oz command – well done, you fuckin’ idiots! You have effectively wasted all the GOOD WORK done in the past by GOOD MEN attempting to heal and assist Afghan society. Aussie troops were respected once.

Heads must roll before more damage is done! The buck stops with you, Kevin!,23599,24286790-2,00.html



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by pat Wednesday, Sep 3 2008, 12:38am

Australians are still waiting for Rudd to demand the arrest and surrender of the KNOWN murderers of the Balibo five.

The NSW Coroner has all the names you need, Kevin, you gutless lackey!

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