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Medvedev talks tough but US installations in Poland, Czech R. and Kosovo, SPEAK LOUDER
by quin Monday, Sep 1 2008, 11:28pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Siberian tigers and five point plans are all hot air and theatrics in the face of REAL American installations in Kosovo and future missile offensive systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. Russians are culturally a bit slow and thick, so let’s spell it out once again.

The US views Russia and China as competitors therefore as enemies, the REAL American executive – the two party system is irrelevant -- has been convinced by ultra-right think tanks that it could prevail in a nuclear exchange PROVIDING it gains the advantage provided by a first strike. First nuclear strike is designed to destroy the offensive systems of the opponent before they can be deployed. It follows, by reducing the distance/range to targets the greater the advantage – you’re a bloody genius, ‘Sergi!’ To that end the US/NATO has slowly but EFFECTIVELY encircled Russia and is building military installations in recently acquired territories. Amazingly, these actions are NOT preparations for a picnic!

This is a matter of hard reality not diplomacy or hot air. While Russia postures and China behaves like a virgin bride, the WEST is preparing for an ATTACK! Yes, the discomfort you feel when seated is a missile up your stupid Asian arses!

America has lost every major competition to other nations in the past few decades, especially the globalisation war (to China) and ‘energy’ wars (to Russia). But those are only secondary indicators. The principal indicator is AMERICA is a WAR ECONOMY and MUST engage in WARFARE either directly or by proxy in order to survive! The nation was sacrificed to the military techno-industrial machine/complex decades ago and is in no position to adopt another model now. It has no choice but to foment WAR and engage in WARFARE on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have noticed that Nazi Zionist hawks have convinced the rabid US right that PERMANENT WAR is NOW the optimum path to world domination!

Need we remind Russia of the Cuban missile crisis? What occurred when installations threatened the USA from Cuba? The then president immediately threatened a full-scale attack if the installations were not removed. Russia very wisely removed the installations, as did America from Turkey! Do you see a difference with installations in Poland and Czech Rep. today, or the Israeli attack on nuclear hardware in Iraq before it could be utilised to devastating effect?

The issue is quite simple and must be faced regardless of the appalling consequences – THE USA/AMERICA, THE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT MUST BE OBLITERATED BY EVERY AND ALL AVAILABLE FORCE IMMEDIATELY! The situation is now critical as U.S. plans have been accelerated.


LAUNCH OR DIE -- your generals know it!

Forget the naive and inexperienced Chinese ‘virgin’ that mistakenly believes it can seduce the west.

To re-iterate there can be no peace while America exists – plain fact! Which is the nation that has plunged the new century into chaos and open warfare and which is the nation that invades plunders and kills with total disregard for all civilised LAW and INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION?

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