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Ask any American to define democracy!
by yarrow Thursday, Aug 28 2008, 4:33am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

[The most amenable slave is one who thinks he is free; never before have so many surrendered their rights to so few.]

Propaganda minister Rupert Murdoch has thrown his media empire into overdrive in a vain attempt to alter historical fact. It was Georgian forces that invaded South Ossetia and targeted civilians; Russia responded to the attack and chased the US equipped, Israeli trained Georgian troops back into their holes! However, American media would have you believe that Russia is the aggressor. Perhaps next week they will dust off Bin Laden and utilise him to some advantage – you never know with America in election mode. Osama always managed to make an appearance whenever George W Bush needed a boost – what are friends of the family for?


A few clustered events possibly indicate the true nature of the game.

- The public’s focus must be diverted from the monumental ECONOMIC MESS and resulting domestic crisis Cheney and Bush have created on the home front.

- McCain requires a boost for his presidential bid.

- Israel must not be placed in a provocative or compromising situation in order to prevent its (Nazi) government utilising its nuclear arsenal – Iran attack postponed.

- Rumours of a US/NATO naval armada sailing for the Persian Gulf (?) provides a high value stunt/diversion while a surprise (provocative) attack on South Ossetia is launched.

- East European leaders also require threatening circumstances in order to convince their respective (reluctant) populations that US missile systems, targeting Russia, are necessary!

- Last but far from least is the need for an American military presence in Georgia. The Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, which originates in the Caspian Sea and supplies the West via Turkey, must be secured – war provides the perfect scenario for ‘humanitarian aid’ and ‘peacekeeping’ intervention. The Press does the rest; all eyes are now on Georgia not the incompetent, criminal, Bush regime!

The Georgian attack on S. Ossetia viewed from an informed perspective leaves little doubt as to whether America instigated the attack. The world is now extremely familiar with American tactics; the Balkan and Iraq interventions reveal a pattern/formula that is now readily identifiable!

I’ve lost count of how many times US/NATO forces have targeted and killed innocent civilians in Afghanistan. Wedding parties seem to be favourite targets for missile and artillery practice. The latest attack boasts over seventy innocent CIVILIAN dead but not a word from Legal authorities -- killing civilians remains a war crime notwithstanding American expertise in the practice.

Average Americans haven’t a clue regarding democracy; [MAJORITY rule via elected REPRESENTATION] should we expect these chipmunks to comprehend the criminal nature of their government?

Ignorance may not be bliss after all; members of the Bush-Cheney regime would have been incarcerated long ago had the American people been supplied with accurate information. Ignorance is extremely dangerous, costly and deadly, nevertheless, Murdoch ensures the population is fed pure propaganda, distorted versions of events and outright lies. His political affiliations extend into criminal complicity. Rupert Murdoch is as guilty as the neocons and shares in their culpability. His obsession with money and power blinds him to the blood that stains his hands. Perhaps Murdoch epitomises the grubby business-at-any-price, modern mogul.

America commits heinous war crimes daily and is supported by an uninformed, mindless, DEBT-SHACKLED, SLAVE population! Does that make the population any less culpable, especially in view of the fact that a responsible and aware democracy would have arrested the neocons soon after it became evident they had orchestrated internal and external attacks on citizens and other nations?

The tragedy of media disinformation is that White House criminals commit crimes with impunity and media moguls are perceived as 'only' businessmen, when in fact they are murderers and criminals! Not one warrant for the arrests of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Murdoch etc.

The solution is simple, international law and convention should apply to all nations without exception! It’s time to hold the USA accountable for the OBVIOUS crimes it commits – one million dead Iraqi civilians DEMAND IT, not forgetting the latest proxy attack on civilians in S. Ossetia and Afghanistan.

Despite all the attempts of propaganda minister Murdoch and others to portray certain people as other than human, there is no avoiding our common humanity. Every child that dies as a result of American incompetence, greed or aggression weighs heavily on the nation and its hypocritical people.

Russia could serve us all by bringing a case to the international courts against the current Cheney-Bush administration.

If we, as citizens, are held accountable for our actions then so too everyone, democracy does not allow for exceptions to the rule of law.

Russia would be well served, in the face of flagrant Western propaganda, to pursue LEGAL SOLUTIONS and take COMMAND of the moral and legal high ground abandoned by the USA. Exposing the most criminal government in the world today via international courts would be difficult to suppress in the media even for the likes of Murdoch – a point is reached where credibility loss threatens the bottom line of any media company.

Failing the legal solution, a full-scale nuclear attack on the rogue USA would solve a multitude of problems; in fact, professional analysts recommend the last option first. Experts are aware the earth cannot support the burgeoning human population, if some of us are to survive before pressure from the moronic masses destroys the entire planet then full-scale nuclear war is welcomed.

A world without America would be a very good start. Strike before the criminally insane US administration seizes the initiative and obliterates us -- there is no avoiding the inevitable!

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