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Laughing all the way to a ‘first NUCLEAR strike!’
by gan Sunday, Aug 24 2008, 3:02am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

History records the circumstances and strategies that Franklin D Roosevelt utilised against Imperial Britain during WWII. How he delayed US military involvement in the war until Churchill, in desperation, signed the Atlantic Charter, which effectively ended the British Empire. Such was Churchill's desperation and FDR's determination to subvert Imperial Britain that Roosevelt at one stage seemed as though he would only supply military hardware to a very beleaguered Britain. Section 3 of the Charter reads:

“Third, they respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them;” [Bye bye British Empire -- nice one, Franklin!]

Richard 'ignore treaties' Perle
Richard 'ignore treaties' Perle

However, few today realise that Russia had broken the back of Hitler’s Germany before the allied ‘D-Day’ – 50% causality rate -- invasion. Stalin had mortally wounded Germany in the Russian campaign. Russia proved to be Germany's nemesis not America, as myth would have it.

Compare 20 million Russian lives lost to America’s approximately 300,000 during the entire course of WWII. These figures do not reflect America’s ‘superior’ fighting skills, which have since been demonstrated to the world in the Korean, Indo-Chinese/Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Caucasus conflicts, they reflect instead the POLITICAL SKILLS of traditional American leadership!

In contrast to a ‘mission accomplished’ failing and tactically inept White House today, Roosevelt and Douglas MacArthur epitomised REAL AMERICAN ‘know-how’ and PROWESS, tactically and strategically. History bears record!

What has changed so radically since Roosevelt’s time? In a word, ZIONISM, or rather the slow but sure takeover of American power since WWII by Zionists! The degree of influence that AIPAC and other Jewish lobbyists have on the course of the American nation today is astounding!

American patriots of old would hesitate to believe the White House is effectively steered by Jewish/Israeli policy makers/bankers. From today’s fully enslaved/brainwashed (conquered) ‘Christian’ Zionists/Evangelicals to Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz’s influence in Washington, the Jewish influence is total.

‘Contributions’ from other (Nazi) Jewish émigrés, Henry Kissinger and Leo Strauss, should not be overlooked. Kissinger was responsible for the insanely homicidal Indo-Chinese war ‘strategy’ of indiscriminate “carpet bombing,” which resulted in over 3 million civilian deaths while Strauss’ ultra-cynical political theories – that treat people as no better than cattle (déjà vu, Goebbels) have been adopted by the neocons. WMD, 9/11, anthrax letters and, “if we don’t fight them over there we’ll have to fight them here,” mad ravings, are examples of Straussian theory in action.

Compare today’s idiot strategies with Roosevelt’s shrewd tactics ensuring America’s victory with the minium of effort and loss of American life. Roosevelt’s plan was to deplete and eliminate British/European Imperial capability permanently, crushing DEBT (Lend-lease) did the rest.

Enter, post WWII, increased Jewish economic and political influence on the nation!

Economic Laissez-faire Friedmanism has resulted in a devastated economy while Straussian theory has placed the nation in the most perilous position in its history!

In the twilight of Bush’s tenure in office, what do we see? The INSANE strategy of provoking Russia by encirclement. America hopes to open a window of opportunity (missile shield) for a NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE, which the Zionists and ultra-right lunatics in Washington actually believe is a FEASIBLE strategy – for fuck’s sake!

Russia has been around for nearly two millennia and has ruled empires for over half that time – I think they are fully capable of determining a major threat and the tactical manoeuvres of a potential enemy. For example, the ‘insane’ US instigated Georgian attack on S. Ossertia, which has puzzled numerous analysts and commentators, was initiated to force reluctant European leaders to accept the installation of US offensive technology and missile systems in Eastern Europe. The swift and devastating Russian response was anticipated and served to frighten Europeans – the strategy proved successful from an American viewpoint! Prague and Warsaw were made to toe the line and NATO was forced to become more active/‘aggressive’ in the region.

However, simplistic and transparent tactics usually meet with failure in the medium to long term. Everyone with the exception of Washington, it seems, is aware that Russia cannot allow these installations on its border regions – for Russia this is not a point of debate. The Russian military is acutely aware these weapons are offensive and offer a HUGE attack advantage to the USA! If America planned to provoke Russia then it worked. But let’s not get too intoxicated over this war game of chess.

The USA already possesses a technological advantage over Russia, however, that is counter-balanced by Russia’s overwhelming response capability – at the moment! Any attempt to disturb this balance would rightly be interpreted as an act of aggression/war; a Russian response is guaranteed!

I would now remind everyone of cultural dispositions and characteristics. Secular and religious Jews are known as fomenters of revolution, wars and political instability – such is Jewish history, it should never be ignored.

Persistent attempts by neo-conservative, Richard ‘Israeli agent’ Perle, to activate the US nuclear arsenal, by convincing those in power to disregard/dishonour all previous nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation treaties, succeeded. The administration is now convinced the nuclear option is a viable alternative – reality, however, dictates such notions are NUTS, pure and simple!

The lunatic US administration -- the world has learned to loathe -- is proceeding with the most dangerous policies in American history! Policies not formulated by traditional Americans like Roosevelt, MacArthur, etc but by Jews and Jewish/Israeli lobbyists – for Christ’s sake!

Russia now views, as necessary, the arming of Syria and Iran with weapons that would match Israel’s! This is the response for Israeli and US interference in Georgia.

Maybe it really is goodbye to Israel forever, no love lost for the most troublesome State in human history -- prior to establishing Zionist Israel, Arabs and Jews lived relatively peaceful lives in Palestine for almost two thousand years!

It is clear that recommendations to OBLITERATE America must now be reviewed with full consideration given to implementation. A full-scale exchange would see Asia/Africa in a better position to survive regardless of the strength of the American response.

Launch now before America seizes a clear advantage! BE ASSURED AMERICA would NOT HESITATE TO STRIKE! Then again don’t strike – the Americans will do it for you.

News to hand of Joe Biden and Barrack Obama mouthing meaningless nothings to a mindless population fills us all with ‘hope!’ Joe’s first announcement after his selection as Barrack’s running mate was [Obama] “can get the job done” (a mindless favourite cliché of Mitt Romney!) Obama’s response in appreciation, we can “put this nation back on track,” another meaningless slogan! A little policy elaboration and plan details would assist an informed public in making correct decisions. But it makes no difference today -- Zionists, Bankers and Big Business rule the nation. Gone are the days of traditional AMERICAN leadership.

A nation of vacuum-heads that readily accepts meaningless drivel from its would-be leaders CANNOT SURVIVE! Perhaps it even deserves what it gets.

The status quo of destruction and wealth in the fewest possible hands has not been disturbed in the least.


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US Missiles in Europe: Beyond Deterrence to First-Strike Threat
by Prof. Francis A. Boyle via rialator - Global Research Sunday, Aug 24 2008, 7:10am

First published June 6, 2007.

These European ABMs are an adjunct to the longstanding US policy of nuclear first strike against Russia, as explained in my book "The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence"

By means of a US first strike about 99%+ of Russian nuclear forces would be taken out. So Bush Jr. needs ABMs to take care of what remains. And in any event what really matters here is the perception. Namely, the United States Government believes that with the deployment of a facially successful first strike capability, they can move beyond deterrence and into "compellence."

In other words, with an apparent first strike capability, the USG can compel Russia to do its bidding during a crisis. The classic case in point here was the Cuban Missile Crisis where the Soviet Union knew the USG could strike first and get away with it. Hence they capitulated.

This has been analyzed ad nauseam in the professional literature. But especially by one of Harvard's premier warmongers in chief, Thomas Schelling --winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics granted by the Bank of Sweden-- who developed the term "compellence" and distinguished it from "deterrence."

The USG is breaking out of a "deterrence" posture and moving into a "compellence" posture. Easier to rule the world that way. Henceforth the USG will be able to compel even nuclear-armed adversaries to do its bidding in a crisis or otherwise.

© Francis A. Boyle, Global Research, 2008

by promise Sunday, Aug 24 2008, 10:11am

One thing is sure -- there are so many nations and organisations straining to be the first to strike that an exchange is INEVITABLE -- got that Hu and Vlad??

Thanks for tearing up treaties, America! "That's another fine mess you've got us into!"

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